10 Best White Sneakers To Kick Start Your New Year

Priyansh Ha |Feb 01, 2019

If you’re a fan of white sneakers, scroll down to see the latest designs for this season.


White sneakers seem to be the most class item that everyone must have at least one pair in their closet. This basic item, however, varies in different shapes and designs, from slip-on to lace-ups, from high-tops to low-tops.

If you’re a fan of white sneakers, scroll down to see the latest designs for this season.


1. Athletic And Sleek Is Your Style?

It will be great to have a run with this design from APL which is sporty and airy and super trendy, of course.


2. Level Up With Clear Sneakers

Except for the laces and white soles, the rest of these unique sneakers from Stella McCartney is made of clear plastic.


3. What About Dad’s Sneakers?

It’s hard to believe, but ‘ugly’ shoes is also a trend. Why don’t we give it a try on this Kendall + Kylie's bulky all-white item which reminds us of our dad’s sneakers just like the ‘80s and ‘90s.


4. Say No To Velcro And Laces

If you hate tying laces, this athleisure-style item from Adidas is for you. 5 seconds is enough to slip these shoes on.


5. If You’re Looking For Soft Shoes

Who is not into Allbirds’ shoes? Especially when they’re ultra light, super soft and comfortable. A small plus is that you can wear them without socks. How easy!


6. Old-school Is Not Really Old

What about these retro sneakers from Nike which are perfect for those who is looking for the ‘80s feels.


7. A Combination Of Socks And Sneakers

This is such a significant intervention from Balenciaga when you don’t need any socks or laces. Just slip it on and off.


8. If You Want To Feel Like Meghan Markle

This item from Veja is one of favourite of the Duchess of Sussex. She will take them everywhere when it comes to unofficial events.


9. A Classic Slip-on Is Not A Bad Idea

Raise your hands if you used to have at least one pair of Vans when you were a child. Going back to the old days, why not?


10. You’re A Fan Of Appliques?

Minimalism is flat? Get something with maximalist attempts like these white sneaker from Marc Jacobs with sweet daisies and some silver studs.


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