Shah Rukh Khan In Pre-disstressed Sneakers Which Cost Nearly Rs 40 Core

Priyansh Ha |Apr 11, 2019

The actor can’t seem to get enough of his favorite cult sneaker brand

When it comes to casual styles, Shah Rukh Khan prefers basic and simple items like jeans, tees or jackets which come in the most monochrome tones like black, white, blue or sometimes olive greens. Their prices, however, are not as “affordable” as it might look. Obviously, King Khan deserves royal sneakers!

Shah Rukh Khan never shies away from showing how passionate he is about sneakers. He might not go crazy for it like Diljit Dosanjh or Ranbir Kapoor, but spend nearly Rs 40 core for a pair of sneakers seems to be no big deal. A few days ago, the actor was spotted at the airport wearing Golden Goose white sneakers which cost  Rs 38,000. Meanwhile, his son Aryan wore another pair of sneakers from the same brand, which cost around Rs 19,000. 

He Is Fond Of Expensive Hobbies

Golden Goose seems to be the favourite sneakers brand of Shah Rukh Khan. Ranbir and his son Aryan pick most of the sneakers in his collection. In addition to this expensive hobby, the 53-year-old actor is also fond of collecting perfumes. According to him, it’s a must for him to smell good. He usually mixes two fragrances: A Diptyque scent and a Dunhill one which only is found in London. “I’m not big on fashion, but I have a good eye," said SRK.

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Source: viralbhayani/Instagram

Aamir Khan Reveals The Truth About SRK's Wardrobe

Earlier, the actor stated that he’s not fancy about clothes and fashion (his styles tell the same thing).  Aamir Khan, however, revealed the truth about SRK's wardrobe. According to Aamir Khan, SRK is a big star who is charming, handsome and well-dressed. While the actor says he is not a clotheshorse, Aamir Khan stated that the size of Shah Rukh Khan's wardrobe is bigger than his whole house. Big surprise!


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