There Will Be A Villain Spider-man In Marvel's Next Blockbuster "Spider-man: Far From Home"?

Nalini Suri |May 24, 2019

Will Mysterio be the villain as in the original comic or become a superhero together with Spiderman in "Spider-man: Far From Home" to oppose to the unexpected characters?

According to the trailer of Spider-man: Far From Home, this is the first time Marvel defines the term “Multiverse” on the screen. Mysterio/ Quentin Beck (by Jake Gyllenhaal) apparently originates from another Earth. This will bewilder Spider-man’s fans because, in the original comic, he inherently is a villain. Perhaps in an alternate universe, Mysterio is truly a superhero?

There will be a combination of 2 characters?

If you are an inveterate fan of Marvel, you can know that Mysterio is the perennial enemy of Spider-man. However, in a recent interview, Gyllenhaal shared he and Spider-man (by Tom Holland) would fight together with Elementals. Will the history of inveterate enemies in the comic change on the screen, or is it still a “trick” of Marvel Studios?

spider-man far from home

Or another Spider-man will be added?

An interesting detail not many people notice is that in the nearly-one-minute video of Spider-man: Far From Home shown on the program Ellen Show, Mysterio talked to Peter: “There are multiple realities, Peter. This is Earth Dimension 616, I'm from Earth 833”.

When the audiences mostly concentrate upon that Marvel has homologated MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) which is known as Earth 19.999 now changed into earth 616, the main universe in the comic, we accidentally miss a completely important detail. In the comic, another well-known Spider-man exists called Spider-UK from Britain. And especially, everything is thoroughly destroyed but he is the only one to survive. Thus, is Mysterio’s speech all true when 2 things he gave are totally different from what we have known before?

spider-man far from home

On the other hand, perhaps we will see the appearance of Spider-UK in Spider-man: Far From Home. One more noticeable thing is the background of the film in Europe. Is this a coincidence or a suggestion of Spider-UK?

Zendaya And Tom Holland Attending The Spider Man H

No matter what Mysterio is real or not, one certain thing is that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character is an extremely interesting one and Spider-man: Far From Home will be a remark to change the entire future of Marvel Studio. A new direction to an immense Multiverse leads to the next 10 years of this Studio.


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