The Real Heroes Of Hollywood: How Hollywood Actresses Train For The Superhero Movies

Kimmy Karima |Oct 17, 2019

Female protagonists in superhero films really deserve our admiration. They portray strong and kind heroines, and they all have great bodies in real life too. Let’s find out how some actresses have trained for their action roles…

Superhero movies now are in their prime. The audiences of all ages are always looking for the next big superhero film, with the next protagonist. But you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

To get in shape for the superhero roles, actors and actresses always have to follow strict diets and workout regimes for a long time before the filming starts.

You may have already known about some actors’ crazy training sessions, like Tom Hardy’s or The Rock’s. But you may not imagine how the beautiful actresses have trained to become heroines.

Read about them, and you’ll see that they’re champions in real life, not just on the big screen.

Scarlett Johansson


ScarJo had to go through very hard workout sessions to become the fierce Black Widow. Her personal trainer, Eric Johnson, once revealed that she had trained the same way as a professional sportswoman did.

Every day ScarJo practised yoga, weight-lifting, jump training and other gymnastics exercises, so she wouldn’t only have the strength, but also the flexibility and agility.

No wonder why she portrayed Black Widow that perfectly, and we all look forward to the upcoming solo film about this character.

Brie Larson


Brie Larson was the cause of concern when she was cast as Captain Marvel, partly because she was too young at that time. But she rose above all doubts and played the lead role convincingly. In fact, Brie spent nine months training for the role.

She went to the gym at least five times a week and stayed there for several hours each time. She learned judo, boxing and wrestling to improve both her strength and endurance.

Brie also impressed by completing harsh workouts, like hip-thrusting 400 pounds and pushing a Jeep uphill for a minute.

Gal Gadot


To get fit for the role Wonder Woman, beautiful Gal Gadot spent over 6 months training hard. Being a model, Gal Gadot had a long and lean body, but she had to bulk up a bit for the role, but in a sexy way.

That was why she did intense workouts every day, including dancing, horse riding, weight-lifting and other cardio exercises. Because of Gal Gadot’s efforts, we could see a really strong but elegant Wonder Woman on the big screen.

Sophie Turner


To play in the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Sophie Turner endured six workout sessions a week for 3 months to have the body she needed.

Since she preferred being outdoor, Sophie often spent time running up a hill instead of training too much inside the gym. Her efforts resulted in her amazing strength and she did an impressive job in the action-packed movie.

Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway is always known as a serious actress. To train for the role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, Anne did stunt training and took dance classes five days a week.

Anne admitted that her goal used to be staying skinny, but then she realized her love for exercise and her goal became getting strong and stronger.

Anne enjoyed lifting weights to burn fat, and she also shared a video of her working out, which stunned all her fans.

Emily Blunt


To build a Hollywood body for the sci-fi Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt had to go through nearly 3 months of severe training, because in the movie, she had to put on a big heavy suit and run and jump and do all other things.

So Emily had to be not only strong but also resilient. That was why her personal trainer asked her to do a lot of sprints upstairs. Besides cardio exercises, Emily also lifted a weight and ran with a weight vest. And the result was that the English rose turned into an action hero, as we all saw.


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