10 Most Power Actors In Hollywood: "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr. Tops The List!

Mishka Saisha |Sep 05, 2019

It's hard to predict who will be the most popular Hollywood stars next year since the competition is very tough but we confidently tell you top 10 of favourite Hollywood names this year. Let’s check with us!

Hollywood is the most competitive film industry in the world with the quick debut and rejection of new stars every year. While some superstars can keep their fame over the years, others might be struggling in maintaining the performance and the risk of being overtaken by newbies. That’s why no one can predict who will be the most popular Hollywood stars in next year.

But we confidently tell you 10 power Hollywood names in 2019. Let’s check with us!

1. Robert Downey Jr.

Downey is exactly an example of the early success and quick rejection in Hollywood. He was a successful actor in the ’90s before several scandals took him down. But the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man and Marvel’s movies has brought his fame back in the industry. Especially the latest movie Captain America: End Game has solidified him as the most favourite star this year.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars

2. Johnny Depp

The actor was known for his role in Edward Scissorhands (1990), then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) and series of Pirates of the Caribbean have made him popular then. Depp is also a music producer and received many honorable awards for his dedication such as the Screen Actors Guild and the Golden Globe Awards.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars
Source: IMDb

3. Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth started the acting career in Hollywood after his Australian successful Home and Away TV show and now he has achieved the American dream. His latest projects have been the breakthrough movies including The Avengers, Thor. In 2019, Chris is recognized as one of the favourite actors in Hollywood.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars
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4. Bradley Cooper

The actor was first known as a comedian in The Hangover series before have been very successful with American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, and Limitless. Most of his movies have the grossing notable amounts at the cinema such as American Sniper which earned about 540 million dollars.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars
Source: Forbes

5. Matt Damon

Damon is a Hollywood sought-after actor as well as a screenwriter including Good Will Hunting (1997). People usually remember him for the leading role in Saving Private Ryan (1998) and Departed (2006) among the famous series about Jason Bourne. The actor has received many awards for his versatile talents and top popular stars.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars

6. Will Smith

Nobody can deny his talents and ability in transforming different roles when he has been listed as 10 richest superstars in Hollywood for many years. About his achievements, we couldn’t forget the breakthrough of Men in Black and Independence Day. With the latest live-action Aladdin this year, he definitely gets a place in this list.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars
Source: People

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

With 3 Golden Globe Awards and 1 Oscar statue, he is one of the most Hollywood excellent actors in this century. Since the first breakthrough Titanic in the ’90s, DiCaprio has become an irreplaceable face with supreme acting skills in The Great Gatsby and the Wolf of Wall Street. And there is no doubt when he appears in the list of the best-paid artists in the world now.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars

8. Dwayne Johnson

When talking about Dwayne, people think right away about his career in professional wrestling. And he has successfully made it as the iconic image in Hollywood regarding numbers of grossing projects earning him over $52 million. With the new release of another Fast and Furious, it would be a mistake if “The Rock” wasn’t listed as the top popular superstar in 2019.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars

9. Tom Hanks

He has tried many different positions from screenwriter to producer but currently, he is a veteran and greatest actor in Hollywood. His account contains Oscar and Golden Globe Awards. He earns a lot of admiration from the audiences, which also led him to the honourable People’s Choice Award. His most famous roles can be listed as captain Sully (2017), professor Langdon in series of Dan Brown’s adaptation.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars

10. Jennifer Lawrence

The actress began her acting career in 2004, however, until the lead role in Winter’s Bone (2010), she became popular with an Academy Award nomination. Since then, she has remained the top-paid income not only in Hollywood but also the world. Lawrence also starred in different breakthrough projects such as the series of The Hunger Games and X-Men. She is also a fashion icon with her unique style.

Most Popular Hollywood Stars


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