Selena Gomez Says Body-Shamming Takes A Toll On Her Life Amid Lupus Battle

Mina Muzumdar |Nov 12, 2019

Selena Gomez admitting the toughest time in her life during Lupus battle.

In recent year, Selena Gomez's life has weathered many storm from her personal love life to health problems. Not only did battle with Lupus, the Lose You To Love Me singer also had to received treatment for mental illness.

Selena Gomez then opened up to her fans about the toughest phase of her life in which she was fighting with Lupus while handling body-shaming issues.

According to the singer, during her Lupus battle, she gained weight due to many reasons such as high blood pressure as well as taking the side effect of her prescription. Moreover, she was trolled for her appearance during this time which contributed to her depression.


For all above reasons, the 27-year-old singer admitted she abandoned her social media to take care of her health. Until now, when she already made a comeback to her social media to interact with her fan, Selena Gomez still confessed that she found it's really hard to scroll down her timeline and read all fans' comment.


The Same Old Love singer then gave advice to all the fabulous girls saying they shouldn't demolish their true amazing nature by the figure they have been trying to become. She further added people can easily fall in the trap of social media in modern days.

Talking about her incredible comeback, Selena Gomez was thankful for her family and friend's support that keeps her going.

"I don't believe that I could do this life alone", the singer concluded by saying.


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