Sebastian Stan Discloses The Spoiler Of Avengers 4, Nobody Notices

Laavanya Hien |Nov 03, 2018

Several months ago, Sebastian Stan used to say Michael Douglas functions as an Avengers movies’ part. He revealed the spoiler of Avengers 4.

Several months ago, Sebastian Stan used to say Michael Douglas functions as an Avengers movies’ part. When saying that, he was not aware of whether Hank Pym, a character by Michael Douglas would appear in the Avengers: Infinity War or the forthcoming follow-up which is the still-unnamed Avengers 4. However, the enthusiastic fans of Marvel have discovered the previous interview of Sebastian Stan with additional context.

Sebastian Stan takes charge of performing Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes in Marvel series. And, he had a speech at ACE Comic Con this April. During his speaking, he affirmed he had done a shooting with Michael Douglas. However, it is impossible to see Dr Pym in Infinity War. That’s why a fan of Marvel movies on Reddit has wrapped up that his appearance in Avengers 4 is a must.

Stan continued that he should be in the film. Or at least his appearance should be in the film that Stan was in. Probably, it was not this film. However, it could possibly in another one.

Sebastian Stan Revealed Involvement Of Quantum Realm In Film

The participation of Dr Pym in the well-known Avengers 4 supports the theory of the Quantum Realm's involvement in the movie. This was appropriately organized in the latest the Wasp as well as Ant-Man. Moreover, a rumour which has been going online that fourth Avengers film plot will specifically depict the sending of Scott Lang into this above-mentioned Quantum Realm. It aims at rescuing characters who suffered from the killing by Thanos. Fans could identify this at the Infinity War’s ending.

Appearing on a show named Ryan Seacrest, Michael Douglas shared that in all following chapters of Marvel movies, Quantum Realm becomes an indispensable part. At the press conference, Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios disclosed that there exist things which you could see in the Wasp or Ant-Man. And, these are the things that Peyton has added into.

Sebastian Stan

How the Quantum Realm to be a part in the Avengers 4 has become more evident when there are several leaked pictures of merchandise surfaced online. The image depicts Captain America, Thor, and Rocket Racoon putting on outfits which are much like the one which Pym wears in his journey inside Quantum Realm.

Whether  Hank Pym will act as some kind of mentor in the forthcoming film or not? We will explore in May because this is the time that Avengers 4 appears in theatres. And, it will effectively end this MCU phase.


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