Oscars Nominations 2020: Memes Overflow On Twitter Aiming At The List Of Nominees

Salena Harshini |Jan 14, 2020

As soon as the list of Oscars Nominations 2020 came into the light, many Twitter users have bashed the list concerning sexism and racism.

The Academy Awards, better identified and known as the Oscars, is among the topmost distinguished movie awards in the world. Also in this year, the award has garnered lots of gossiping although the official day is nearly one month away. Oscars nominations 2020 has been deemed as "a joke" at some corners.

As the 2020 list of nominees were recently announced, Twitter is stuffed with a slew of memes and reactions. Some of the fans are heaping praises for the actors. Meanwhile, others keep questioning those missing names.

The Twitterati has published numerous memes which show their intense and immense excitement as the 92nd Academy Awards is coming close. The ceremonies were channeled on TV as well as live-streamed on Oscar.com. They were announced by John Cho and Issa Rae.

The movie lovers who watched live can’t stop filling in the social media handles on the fresh-from-the-batch nominations as well as on the hilarious commentary of Issa Rae.

Take a look at some memes that stand out:

Screenshot 55




Issa Rae made an eye-opening comment while announcing the nominations for the category of Best Director. "Congratulations to those men.” And one has said that, “Issa Rae introducing the Best Director category is a MOOD. #OscarNoms"

Screenshot 56

Numerous Twitter users are slamming the Oscars for being ”racist” on their nominations. A user wrote,


Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker seemed to take over the nominee list with the list with 11 nominations consisting the Best Picture category.

While Korean movie Parasite earned a nomination for the Best Picture category, actor Antonio Banderas just aptly earned the Best Actor recognition. As Knives Out collected a nod for Best Original Screenplay, The Lighthouse got a Cinematography nomination.

Nevertheless, the director category gave women the total cold shoulder and is getting backlashes from fans all around the globe because they hoped that filmmaker Greta Celeste Gerwig would be named in the director nominee list for her work in Little Women.


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