Oscars 2019: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga’s Electrifying Chemistry And Top 5 Moments From The 91st Academy Awards

Nagini Shree |Feb 25, 2019

The highly anticipated 2019 Oscars did not disappoint with its share of memorable moments, despite the untraditional format.

1. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's love-dripping performance

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Look Ready Kiss Shallow P

The performance Shallow from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the 2019 Oscars were stealing our hearts and minds. During the performance, Cooper got up and sat down beside Gaga, their faces almost touching as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Fans are quick to react to Gaga and Cooper's intimate piano performance, commenting on the magnetism and chemistry that the two have with each other.

2. Chris Evans is Captain America real-life version 

Chris Evans is winning the hearts of people around the globe after giving Regina King a hand at the 2019 Academy Awards as King’s heels got tangled in her dress on the way to the stage. The sweet moment was not only captured on film but also seemed to win the hearts of people across the Internet, with many swooning over Evan’s generous gesture.

3. Spike Lee’s antics

The legendary filmmaker won his first competitive Oscar for co-writing BlacKkKlansman, but after the ceremony, most of the talk from — and surrounding — him was about an award he didn’t win. After presenter Julia Roberts announced “Green Book” as Best Picture, the director was visibly upset and tried to leave the ceremony before the speeches had concluded.

4. Samuel L Jackson’s expression

Along with Spike LeeSamuel L Jackson showed a similar level of displeasure when announcing Greek Book as the winner of the Best Original Screenplay award. Some fans quickly commented on his video on the stage, "You can almost hear him say, “You know you don’t deserve this, right?”

5. Olivia Colman’s warm speech

Olivia Colman took home the award for best actress at the Oscars Sunday for her work in "The Favourite" - and everyone believes she deserves. Her adorable speech won over the hearts of viewers and garnered positive reactions on social media.


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