Oscar-Winning Film “Parasite” In Plagiarism Row; Producer Of Tamil Film “Minsara Kanna” To File A Lawsuit

Mohnish Singh |Feb 15, 2020

Oscar winning film “Parasite” is being compared to a 1999 Tamil romantic comedy “Minsara Kanna”. Producer PL Thenappan has decided to file a case against the makers of the South Korean movie for flinching the plot.

The Oscar-winning film Parasite is in plagiarism row days after lifting the most coveted trophy at the recently concluded 92nd Academy Awards. Ever since the South Korean film won four trophies at the prestigious award ceremony, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film, film buffs in India are busy comparing it with a 1999 Tamil romantic comedy Minsara Kanna.

Parasite won four awards at the Oscar ceremony

While the characters, their intentions and backgrounds are completely different in the Oscar-winning film Parasite, people are claiming that the basic plot premise has been lifted from the aforementioned Tamil film. It seems like PL Thenappan, the producer of Minsara Kanna who now holds the rights to this film, is also convinced with what fans are saying and hence, has decided to file a copyright infringement case seeking compensation from the makers of the Oscar-winning film Parasite.

Talking to a popular news portal, PL Thenappan said that on Monday or Tuesday, he will be filing a case against the makers of the Oscar-winning film Parasite with the help of an international lawyer. The producer said that the makers have cribbed the plot from his movie. He also added that when the international filmmakers find out that some of Indian movies have been inspired by their movies, they file cases. Similarly, it is only fair for Indian makers to do the same.

The Oscar-winning film Parasite is a dark comedy thriller which revolves around the members of a poor family, who device a plan to get employed by an ultra-rich family without letting their employer know that they are related to one another. On the other hand, Tamil film Minsara Kanna follows the member of an influential family who start working at the residence of a girl so that they could convince her father to allow her marry their son. They also keep their identities a secret.

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