22nd Hollywood Film Awards to honour Nicole Kidman with Career Achievement

Uthkarsh Anh |Oct 02, 2018

Nicole Kidman is honoured for her lifelong achievements at the upcoming Hollywood Film Awards.

Nicole Kidman and her lifelong career will be honoured at the upcoming Hollywood Film Awards

The actress has long been known for her roles in big titles. Now that it is about time Nicole Kidman is honoured for her lifelong achievements. In fact, at the upcoming Hollywood Film Awards, the actress will be welcoming her Career Achievement Award.

File image of Nicole Kidman. Twitter

Being one of the few Australian actresses that actually made it big in Hollywood, Nicole has hit her 50-year-old mark.

Since 1983 when she debuted with 'Bush Christmas', she has been going on strong and steady. Some of her more famous roles are in 'To Die For' film, in which Nicole portrays Virginia Woold. This was her iconic character.

Along the way, the actress is also known for her appearance in The Hours, or Lion and Dogville. Besides, there are also Eyes Wide Shut or Moulin Rouge!. The actress is actually at the prime of her career. Indeed, in what is left of 2018, she will be hitting the screen so hard. That is because she is releasing another three films.

According to news and updates, the critics have been appraising Nicole for her amazing role in Destroyer. It has been a film by Karyn Kusama. Destroyer is a crime thriller, in which the actress appears as a detective. The actress's character can not stop thinking about one specific case for almost two decades.

On the other hand, the audience can expect her other role in Boy Erased: A memoir by Joel Edgerton. Now this movie will be a hit. Because Nicole will be playing along Russell Crowe, as the 21st-century parent. The story tells of the family where these parents, Nicole and Russell, send their son to a 'gay conversion program'.

Besides her more popular role as an actress, Kidman is appreciated for her ongoing support for independent film-producers, especially female filmmakers.

She runs her own business, which is a production company called 'Blossom Films'. With this business, she is very serious about creating a support system. This system will actually bring independent film-makers to the rankings they deserve. Last year, the film Big Little Lies has been phenomenal. Big Little Lies was successful in defining the cultural and social spirit of the present world.

Hence, in order to appreciate Kidman's consecutive efforts in the industry, the 22nd Hollywood Film Awards will honour her with the Career Achievement Award. The award show will take place on 4 November, at the Beverly Hilton. Fans all over the world can join to congratulate Nicole!


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