Gwendoline Christie Leads Top 9 Tallest Actress of Hollywood 2020

Salena Harshini |Dec 09, 2020

These Hollywood actresses seem to dominate every scene with their presence and chances are their statuesque height is what helps them do it.

Entertainment stars are in all shapes and sizes and while the average height of American women is 5 feet 4, there are plenty of Hollywood celebrities who tower much above this number. So, as the proof of the point, this list of the 9 tallest actress of Hollywood show you the super-tall women who may see finding attire for the red carpet a true nightmare.

1/9 Gwendoline Christie - 6'3''

The answer to who is the tallest actress in Hollywood goes to Gwendoline Christie (6'3'' tall). The height of the tallest actress of Bollywood, Yukta Mookhey, is no competition to Christie’s.

Gwendoline Christie1
No actress has surpassed the height of Gwendoline Christie

The Game of Thrones star said that she felt isolated from society when growing up, but she has also confessed that her impressive height can work to her favor now when it comes to acting.

Gwendoline Christie2
She makes everyone around her look like gnomes

While Gwendoline Christie toppled as the tallest actress of Hollywood, there are other starlets whose height is equally flabbergasting.

2/9 Ireland Baldwin – 6’2”

Former golden couple Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are not short but they have found themselves towered by their own model daughter.

Ireland Baldwin is second to the crown of the topmost tall Hollywood actress

The model-actress Ireland Baldwin stands much above her parents with the height of imposing 6’2”.

3/9 Elizabeth Debicki - 6’2”

One of the tallest actresses in Hollywood is Elizabeth Debicki who attracts a myriad of adorers with her ravishing beauty. The Autralian-Polish was born in France but chose Hollywood to find a space for her foothold there.

Elizabeth Debicki
Elizabeth Debicki and her endless legs prove she is the tallest actress of Hollywood

Owning the classic and luxurious beauty, delicate blond hair and dreamy blue eyes, Debicki usually appears in an elegant avatar. The top Hollywood tallest actress has featured in many films including Tenet, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, among others.

Elizabeth Debicki1
She towers above everyone in The Night Manager cast, including Tom Hiddleston who is 1.88m tall

With an outstanding height and exquisite look, she is also the muse of many magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue…

4/9 Saffron Burrows – 6’

Saffron Burrows, at 6’, has cornered the market when we talk about the niche character profession: a cellist. She is touted as one among the tallest actresses in Hollywood and she was given the opportunity to play her iconic onscreen instrument-playing part.

Saffron Burrows also acted in the series You, or movies like Troy, The Bank Job

It was because her height made her look like the perfect fit for the part in Mozart in the Jungle.

5/9 Allison Janney – 6’

Allison Janney admitted that her stature has worked for and against her career. She believed that it was her height that took away roles from her during the early years of acting.

Allison Janney
Allison Janney, the tallest actress of Hollywood, has enviable legs

Meanwhile, Janney also said that it helped her shape her status to be among the finest character starlets in Tinseltown.

Next to Janney, Anna Faris looks incredibly small

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6/9 Jane Lynch – 6’

The assessment of the tallest actress of Hollywood cannot be fulfilled without Jane Lynch. Known for her scene-stealing part as Sue Sylvester in the musical hit series Glee, she is seen in many other films.

Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch is taller than a lot of male stars.

Before getting her current popularity she actually used her 6’ height to land small but significant film roles.

7/9 Uma Thurman – 6’

The international legendary beauty is also a top Hollywood tallest actress yet she has expressed her regret about the time she wasted wanting to have a smaller presence.

Uma Thurman
The tallest actress in Hollywood used to feel uncomfortable in her own skin

The Dangerous Liaisons, Pulp Fiction actress has unveiled that it was not until she was 35 that she could walk with her head high.

8/9 Aisha Tyler – 6’

The Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Friends actress Aisha Tyler is 6’ tall and has been on the tall side since forever. In 2014, she once shared that the actress is “giant from a very young age”.

Aisha Tyler
Aisha Tyler is also a lofty Hollywood actress

However, she seems to have no scruple on having parts that appear to be made for high ladies even when she is not actually seen on the screens. For example, in 2016, she lent her voice to Lana Kane of Archer, who is the female agent known for her super tall look.

9/9 Nicole Kidman – 5’11

Nicole Kidman is the finest, stellar and tallest actress of Hollywood who owns an incredible load of prestigious accolades that any star dreams of.

Nicole Kidman1
Nicole Kidman and her smooth, long legs

With the 5’11 stature, the Eyes Wide Shut actress has been called the “giant beauty” of the town and the Australian Swan shared that her friends mocked her a lot for her different height when she was little.

Nicole Kidman
This picture features the two tallest ladies in town

Her height also posed quite a number of troubles when she was filming with actors. Many stars who were co-actors of her like Ewan McGregor, Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Daniel Craig… are all shorter than her. Her parents even advised her before that she should not pursue acting because she is too tall.

A lot more interesting facts about your favorite stars are waiting to be read on Hollywood Life!

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