Michael Caine: Actresses in Hollywood are safer following Weinstein scandal

Author |Oct 17, 2018

"In Hollywood, we were all aware of the casting couch. It was almost a joke...", Sir Michael Caine revealed.

The 85-year-old actor admitted that casting couch is an existing problem in the Hollywood, but added “it was just a joke”. Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine praised the #MeToo movement for bringing light to sexual harassment and fighting against predators in Hollywood. He also referred to the accusations against Harvey Weinstein in 2017 by this movement.

Actresses are safe now

The veteran actor said that people working in the film industry were aware of casting couch. He admitted that it was awfully unfair when an actress couldn’t get a role in a film because she refused to have sexual relation with the producer. However, the King of Thieves actor couldn’t stop such bad physical attacks as he didn’t have the strong power of the big directors, just a normal actor in Hollywood.

Besides that, he also shared his perspective regarding casting couch that when a young actor came in for an audition, the director asked for actual physical touch, if she could not accept, said 'No, I’ll' and he said 'well you haven't got the part' and she walked out.

In respect of Weinstein's scandal, The King of Thieves actor believed that Weinstein allegations would discourage others producers in the industry from sexual harassment, “They wouldn't dare to do anything sexually”. The Italian Job star working with Weinstein on three films added the movie mogul was a single character, his scandal would serve as an example for potential predators. “Actresses are safe now”, the 85-year-old actor told Radio Times magazine.

The disgraced Hollywood producer Weinstein has faced a slew of sexual abuse, rape claim and harassment for decades. However, he has denied all claims of sexual assault and pleaded to be innocent and guilt-free.

The powerful Hollywood producer’s scandal has sparked a wave of accusation against sexual misconduct. These are the prominent public figures who have been accused of sexual misconduct after the Harvey Weinstein allegations.


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