Guess Who? This Filmmaker Calls Young Actresses To His Place For Casting Couch, Suspect Detected

Salena Harshini |Mar 18, 2020

Casting couch or compromise? This senior filmmaker is said to summon young and struggling heroines to his bungalow "for some fun".

Come to think of it, it seems to be a very fragile line between compromise and casting couch. Although the worldwide Me Too movement has witnessed some big filmmakers called out for sexual assault, something that can’t be left out is several struggling actors of both sexes would give in to those demands for the sake of their career.

Today, we will talk about a senescent filmmaker who has clearly come up with a new method to satisfy his desires.

Rumor has it that he had almost let everything slipped out of his hand despite creating big hits ever since the ‘80s. Although he is a member of a khandaan, the filmmaker is the only one from his gen that is not an actor. To tell the truth, he is the father and two of his children are related in the film industry, trying to have their presence felt.

Guess Who
Who is this producer?

While his older kid works as an actor and debuted s couple of years ago, one of his daughters also got on floors recently. Currently, there isn’t any woman in his life and supposed that he did, the filmmaker was renowned to have kind of a colorful life outside.

So, what we have heard is the filmmaker often calls struggling actresses to one among his bungalows for some fun, day in, day out. He does not stay there but instead only uses it for “entertaining” purposes and to hide from the eagle eyes of the buzz as well as his family members. It is his wife and a young actress’s bungalow. The latter who is seen often in erotic thrillers can be spotted visiting it almost weekly.

Casting couch or compromise?

Interestingly, the producer is not the only one. The bungalow’s keys are also kept by several other filmmakers who want to have room for their own fun. One of the most intriguing faces to be seen coming in and out of the area is this eccentric director who used to be a member of a disbanded quartet.

Casting Couch
Casting couch is a common term in the entertainment industry (illustration image)

Among the filmmaker’s then-partners, one was snitched and he sided with the producer friend that demurred the named one. What came as a shock was that the director is famous for his mannerly behavior. He is also known as an admirable family man.

Well then again, what does one’s public image have anything to do with their sexual needs?

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Boney Kapoor
Boney Kapoor is rumored to be the filmmaker entangled in casting couch issue

This director is rumored to be Boney Kapoor who is a seasoned filmmaker and has two daughters thriving to be famous actresses in the industry. However, rumors are rumors and nothing has been confirmed.

It is up to your opinion on who this mysterious character is.


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