Mark Ruffalo Family – Reason Behind The Successful Career Of Marvel Superstar

Leela Adwani |Nov 24, 2020

Other than the actor himself, everything about the Mark Ruffalo family also grabs eyeballs.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is the breeding ground of the biggest stars in the world. Mark Ruffalo who is best known for his role as Hulk a.k.a Bruce Banner is the case in point. The superstar enjoys great limelight and has a massive fan following on social media. Being one of the brightest stars in the tinsel town, little do we know that he is a family-oriented man. Other than the actor himself, everything about the Mark Ruffalo family also grabs eyeballs.

Mark Ruffalo Family Ft
Mark Ruffalo Family

Even though the actor has always kept his private life under wrap and made sure to keep the media attention away from his family as much as possible, here is something we have known so far about the life of “Hulk” Mark Ruffalo off-screen.

Mark Ruffalo Young
Mark Ruffalo and his wife when they were young

Mark Ruffalo wife

In the year 2000, Ruffalo decided to settle down and get married to Sunrise Coigney. Die-hard fans who follow him from the early days of his career might be aware that Sunrise has always been the constant companion alongside their favorite actor for most of his acting career.

Mark Ruffalo Wife 1
Mark Ruffalo and his wife Sunrise Coigney

However, that might raise a few eyebrows but she is also an actress herself. In the early 21st century, she appeared in some television shows with small roles including Campfire Stories and Line of Fire.

Mark Ruffalo Wife
They got hitched in 2000

However, her acting career gradually slowed down as she shifted her focus on her husband and raising their children instead.

Mark Ruffalo Wife 6
Ruffalo's wife was an actress

Talking about how they met each other, it may stun a lot of people as they literally first met on the street when Mark was in his early 30s in the year 1998. The Marvel superstar spilled the beans on the situation when he met his wife. He said that he was in a dump and didn’t have at least one credit card or driver’s license but Sunrise still believed in him and always encouraged him even she thought he was a mess.

Mark Ruffalo Wife 3
However. she ended her acting career to raise her family

Shortly after the unexpected first meeting, they went on the date. However, the fact is that Sunrise rejected our Hollywood megastar’s proposal but that didn’t make him give up quite soon. He then proposed again and she said yes. The couple tied the knot in 2000 after two years of dating.

Mark Ruffalo children

Mark Ruffalo Children
Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise are now parents to three children

The Hollywood couple was blessed with three children and all of them are teenagers now. In June 2001, they welcomed their first child – a baby boy and named him Keen Ruffalo. He is 19 years old now.

Being the son of one of the world’s most reclusive stars, Keen and his siblings still experienced a very normal upbringing from his parents as both Mark and Sunrise always make sure to keep their private life low-key and don’t show it too much on media.

Mark Ruffalo Children 2
Keen Ruffalo is the eldest son of the couple

Keen Ruffalo didn’t develop himself as a star kid with a massive fan base on Instagram. By contrast, his social media handle is just where he shares normal pictures of himself with family and friends. Mark’s eldest child has been featured in People magazine alongside the actor and it made way for his first screen debut with a small role in the film Begin Again in 2013.

Mark Ruffalo Children 3
The actor and his second child Bella Noche Ruffalo

The second child in the Mark Ruffalo family is Bella Noche Ruffalo. We are familiar with the image of the Hulk with anger management problems in The Avengers, he, on the other hand, is a chilled-out father in the real life.

The actor’s middle child made headlines for her public appearance with her dad in 2015 when she became mini Mark Ruffalo with tuxedos. She is quite comfortable with how she looks. It seems like the actor and his wife hold great respect for their kids.

Mark Ruffalo Children 4
The oldest and the youngest of the Rufallos

His last-born child is Odette Ruffalo who is 13 years old now. Being the youngest member of the Mark Ruffalo family, Odette receives much love from her parents, big sister, and big brother. Odette and Keen are close with each other and her big bro also frequently took to his Instagram handle to share pictures with his little sister.

Scrolling down the actor’s Instagram grid, it’s not hard to realize how much he loves his family. The star constantly shared pictures with his wife and children, not because on any special occasions.

Mark Ruffalo Wife And Daughter
Mark Ruffalo has a happy family with a beautiful wife and three children

In an interaction with the media, he stated that his wife is truly a hero. With an immensely busy working schedule, his wife Sunrise has to shoulder more responsibilities at their home. All three children of the couple receive a good upbringing.

It’s not far off the mark to say Mark Ruffalo family raises the bar higher for family goals.

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