How Bradley Cooper Helped Lady Gaga Open Up in A Star Is Born

Author |Sep 13, 2018

A Star Is Born is Bradley Cooper's directorial debut and Lady Gaga's first big screen role.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper recently had an interview about 'A Star is Born'. They came up with how they depended on each other while shooting. It was directorial debut of Bradley Cooper and also first movie role of Lady Gaga.

Talking about this movie, the star said to E!Online: "One thing that I was very knowledgeable from the start and I admire until even now is how much both of us had at pole since it was an earliest for us. We both knew that we'll really have to depend on one another. Beacause it's frightening putting ourself out to this point".

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In a media conference earlier, at Venice Film Festival, Bradley Cooper had confessed that he didn't know Lady Gaga was from Italia. Furthermore, he said that their East Coast Italian-American households played a big role in their association. Lady Gaga then added that she had the trust in him continually on set, and it gave a remarkable beautiful experience. She said: "Honestly I feel completely embarrassed and appreciative to be sitting here next to Bradley Cooper".

The movie received warm feedbacks at its world premiere at Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival. After that, it's also all set to start the Tokyo International Film Festival.

This movie is a remake of 1937's 'A Star is Born'. The tale revolves around an artist who encourages an hopeful young actress to find recognition although he battles with his own evils. 'A Star is Born' is set to release on October 5th.


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