Justin Bieber Postponing His Wedding With Hailey Baldwin Because Of Selena Gomez?

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 15, 2019

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are all set to solemnize their relationship with a wedding. However, rumours has been floating that Justin Bieber is putting his big day on hold due to Selena Gomez’s emotional breakdown.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin broke the news with their speedy love story in July and a secret engagement in September. Since then, the two is reportedly preparing for a big wedding to take their relationship to a new level. According to a close source, their nuptials will take place in January, however, the Biebers seems not to get around to it. There are rumours about the delay, but part of it confirmed to be Justin’s long time ex-lover Selena Gomez.

A few months ago, Selena Gomez has reported mental breakdown and she must have received treatment from the hospital. After Selena Gomez’s health was disclosed in the media, many times fans have seen the pop singer broke into tear on the street for unknown reasons. A close friend said that the real reason behind Justin and Hailey’s wedding delay is for Selena Gomez.

Moreover, Justin feels he has responsibility for Selena’s breakdown and he definitely doesn’t want to hurt his ex-girlfriend with an extravagant wedding. In other note, both Justin and Selena once said that they would never forget about each other, so his wedding delay is a way to show his respect to the past and present?


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