Jennifer Lawrence Officially Displays Engagement Ring At Dior's Show

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 28, 2019

After many times getting caught before, Jennifer Lawrence officially showcases her $200,000 engagement ring at recent Dior's event.

Jennifer Lawrence captivates the public's attention within every move. News revealing her engagement with Cooke Maroney hit all the headlines, and her confirmation later left everyone in awe, indeed. After this issue last month, the talented actress had her first appearance at Dior's show on 26 February. Numerous photos were captured, in which people could recognise something special.

On her left hand lied a luxurious deligent ring with the crystal-clear shot, which could be quickly realised as her engagement ring. So thanks to the event, the audience had a good chance to take a close look at it, not at a very long distance like before.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence officially showcases her engagement ring.

Jennifer Lawrence 2
A closer look at the luxurious ring.

As can be seen clearly, the emerald-shaped ring is 100% made of diamond. Diamond experts were immediately asked to give an assessment of its value. And guess what? The diamond shaped in emerald is estimated to weigh around 3-4 carat by Andrew Fox, President of And despite its modest look with plain decoration and bright colour, it is worth approximately $200,000.

Gemologist Grant Mobley, on the other hand, gave a higher carat count for the same dollar value. According to him, Jennifer's ring must be around 4-5 carat. The highlight is its classical design with only a diamond in the centre. Although some people may devalue due to the lack of embellishments, it is, in fact, more than enough when natural diamonds are significantly reduced in quantity and becoming rare. "This ring will definitely retain its value over time.", concluded Mobley.

Another specialist giving an opinion on Jennifer Lawrence's engagement ring was Kathryn Money, known as Vice President of Strategy and Merchandising for Brilliant Earth. She agreed about the diamond's weight but had a quite lower estimation on its cost. According to her, Cooke Maroney needs to pay relatively $60,000 to $100,000 to obtain this beautiful engagement promise.

Jennifer Lawrence 3
Many experts shared various opinions on the massive ring.

Jennifer Lawrence, who had a long and diverse love life, amazed the public when confirming her dating rumour with art gallery director Cooke Maroney on the beginning days of February. After nearly a year of holding an intimate boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, the two decided to get engaged, and the massive luxurious engagement ring above is considered their love's proof.


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