Inside Thor's Chris Hemsworth $20 Million Mega-Mansion At Byron Bay. See Photos!

Mina Muzumdar |Jul 02, 2019

Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth reveals the first picture inside his larger-than-life mega-mansion.

After three years, Chris Hemsworth's hilltop complex was completed and ready to move in. The Hollywood superstar then gave a glimpse of his mansion with an enormous wall-painting.

Chris House

Reportedly, the actor hired an Indigenous artist Otis Hope Carey to create the mural. The first picture then was shared on his social media.

Chris Hemsworth then explained the meaning behind the artwork, saying:


Chris House 2



The wall-painting not only shows the grandiosity of the artwork but also represent the massive size of his mansion.

According to the report, Chris Hemsworth's birdnest at Byron Bay is valued at around $20 million. The construction of the building, however, sparked controversy among locals because it changed the landscape. Some people called it a 'shopping mall' or a 'multi-story car park'.


Last month, Chris Hemsworth left fans shocked when he announced to take a long break from the entertainment industry.


At the meantime, Chris Hemsworth's family reportedly moved in the enormous mansion and they are both enjoying a gala time in their new house.


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