Secrets Behind Saumya Tandon Lifestyle – CEO Husband, Salary, Ultra Luxury Apartment & More

Leela Adwani |Aug 21, 2020

Getting married to a wealthy man, living in an upscale neighborhood, having an adorable son, here is everything about Saumya Tandon lifestyle.

1984-born star Saumya Tandon is touted as a heavyweight in the television industry. She is best known for her role as Anita Mishra in the hot comedy series Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! starring opposite Aasif Sheikh. Besides this, she is also the host of several high-rating shows like Bournvita Quiz Contest, Dance India Dance, or Entertainmet Ki Rat. Along with riding high in her career, Saumya Tandon lifestyle has always been on the radar of eagle-eyed fans as well as paparazzi.

The 35-year-old actress recently made headlines as she has decided not to renew the contract in the series Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! The fact is that Saumya has been a very part of the show ever since the first days when it just started five years back.

Everything you should know about Saumya Tandon Lifestyle

Putting an end to all speculations around her quit, the actress confirmed it herself with Bombay Times in a recent interview. August 21 is her last day of the shoot. Even though Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! is already an established show, she found that being employed and having a stable income weren’t exciting enough.

Saumya Tandon in the tv series Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!

She added,

"I want to do projects where there is scope for growth as an artiste. Having said that, it does not mean that Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai did not contribute to my growth. I had a beautiful journey on the show. However, I have played this character for five years now and I don't see myself doing it for another five years.”

Saumya finally bid adieu to her longtime show and maybe it’s time to see another image of the actress on the screen. In an attempt to help you get a glimpse of Saumya Tandon lifestyle, the lowdown below will give you the details.

Saumya Tandon husband

Her husband's name is Saurabh Devendra Singh who doesn’t work in the entertainment industry. Instead, he had been working in the finance sector and held high positions in different companies. He is now the CEO of 1018mb which is a website allowing its users to watch their favorite movies on the big screen at the local theater.

Her husband is a banker, a CEO

After maintaining a courtship of ten years, Saurabh and his longtime girlfriend Saumya decided to settle down in the year 2016.  Before this, he was the best friend of the actress during their college days in Delhi. Since Saumya’s father passed away, Saurabh has become big support for the actress as well as her family.

During the lockdown, Saumya Tandon lifestyle once again can be seen on social media as she and hubby Saurabh were spending their quarantine together. One of the posts show them playing a board game with each other or video shows her excellent cooking skill. It’s not far off the mark to say that not only does she reach the pinnacle of her career but has a happy married life.

Saumya Tandon son

On 14 January, the couple welcomed their first son and the actress shared this happy moment with her fans on social media. The couple decided to register their son's name as Miraan Tandon Singh. Before giving birth to the bundle of joy, the TV star happily announced her pregnancy with a series of pictures with her baby bump on social media.

She was blessed with a baby boy in the year 2019

However, unlike other celebrities, the actress wants to keep her son away from media as she doesn’t usually publish her son’s images on social media.

Saumya Tandon house

Where she lives also affects Saumya Tandon lifestyle. Currently, she is living a luxury apartment in an upscale urban neighborhood in Mumbai. During the lockdown, fans have more chances to get a glimpse of her home.

Her apartment's balcony overlooks the big pools of the building

It has a lovely balcony and it’s also her favorite corner in the house where she can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

The terrace is her most favorite corner
It delivers several Instagram-worthy pictures

Not really in her apartment but the terrace is another go-to spot of the actress as it offers a jaw-dropping view overlooking the entire metropolis.  It goes without saying that she is having a dream life with no financial burden.

Here are more pictures inside her residence.

The interior furniture is also luxurious
She spends most of her quarantine time at home

Saumya Tandon diet

A healthy diet is one of the secrets that contribute to Saumya Tandon lifestyle. In an interview, she revealed her diet regimen.

Despite the tight working schedule, the actress still sticks to a few rules in her diet

She honestly said that she found it hard to keep a disciplined diet regime while filming for a daily show. Not just this her studio is also far from her home and it usually takes her from three to four hours every day to get there. However, she always tries to work out 3 to 4 days per week as well.

Drinking a lot of water is the key

Speaking about her diet, Saumya shared that she doesn’t follow a strict chart but indeed sticks to some thumb rules. She mostly consumes oil-free or almost oil-free food and tries to keep a count of her protein intake. Especially, the actress avoids long gaps in her meals.

Fruit and water are two indispensable parts of her diet.

Saumya Tandon salary

One of the most-asked questions about the actress is how much she gets paid per role. Everyone wants to know the answer behind Saumya Tandon lifestyle.

She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the television industry

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As per some reports, her role in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai which is an elegant modern wife is around Rs. 55,000 per day.

Hope this article can fulfill your curiosity about Saumya Tandon lifestyle.


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