"I Will Love Brad Pitt For The Rest Of My Life", Admitted Jennifer Aniston

Mina Muzumdar |Jun 21, 2019

Jennifer Aniston opens up about her feeling for Brat Pitt after separating their ways for more than a decade.

More than two decades ago, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt was once a golden couple of Hollywood. From daily life moments together till starry night events, the iconic couple turned head everywhere they passed by. Therefore, their separation in 2018 left the industry and the couple's fan in great shock while the main reason was rumored to be Brad Pitt's extramarital affairs.

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress in the recent interview with Vanity Fair reflects on divorce from Brad Pitt. The actress confessed that she "couldn't force a relationship" with Mr. and Mrs. Smith's actor. She further added that years after they walked down the aisle, they both lost the connection they thought they had in the first place.

Jennifer also gave more details about the reason behind their broken marriage by talking about the "ebbs and flows" in marriage life as well as how their different thinking leading to the end path.


Jenifer Brad Pitt
Jennifer and Brad Pitt have 7 years together (2 years dating) before separating in 2005.

Talking about her opinion on marriage, the actress bluntly stated:


Recalling her decision to call it quits with Brad Pitt, Jennifer believed that they both made mistake and was unable to awaken passion they had in the past.


Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt announced relationship with Angelina Jolie just a month after divorce.

Despite the hurtful past that Brad Pitt published his relationship with Angelina Jolie just a month after divorcing, The Bounty Hunter actress affirmed that there will always a special place for him in her heart.



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