Hollywood Actors & Their Famous Grandchildren: Everlasting Gemstones Of The Theater World

Salena Harshini |Jan 28, 2021

Often times success and talent can run in the family. This certainly is the case for these stars and the celebrity grandparents that came before them.

The Golden age of Hollywood will forever be remembered for how iconic it is. Stunning actresses and actors are still in the hearts of fans today. Now that Tinseltown has come a long way ever since then, Hollywood grandchildren of these classic stars have taken on the legacy and also filled the town with their talents.

Anne Gwynne and Chris Pine

The stunning pin-up model-turned-actress was known for her acting in horror movies Black Friday (1940), House of Frankenstein before being Patricia Kelly in Public Prosecutor. The series was aired from 1947 to 1951.

Anne Gwynne And Chris Pine
Chris Pine is among the top famous grandchildren of classic Hollywood stars

The grandson of the star, Chris Pine, now continues the business of the family. He is among the hottest Chris in town with a lot of special roles. You can see him through Star Trek’s James T. Kirk, Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor, or This Means War’s FDR Foster.

Audrey Hepburn and Emma Ferrer

Among the famous Hollywood grandchildren, Emma Ferrer may garner the topmost attention for being Audrey Hepburn’s offspring.

Audrey Hepburn And Emma Ferrer
Emma Ferrer is successful in her own fashion.

The Breakfast in Tiffany’s actress is an icon for her timeless roles, iconic style, and a perennial looker. She was not just a fashion icon but also one of the first celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors of UNICEF.

However, Emma has struggled for quite a while as people often compared her to her grandmother. She used to work as a model and is now an artist.

Tippi Hedren and Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson has a bugging career and her whole family is well-known.

Tippi Hedren was a great actress and she had given some of her fetching good looks to Dakota who is the top successful and beautiful actresses in town.

Tippi Hedren And Dakota Johnson
Dakota's family are full of acknowledged actors

The Fifty Shades of Grey star also makes fame as one of the prettiest Hollywood siblings. She is definitely the most cherished personality in the list of Hollywood grandchildren.

Clark Gable and Clark Gable III

Clark Gable III is an Academy Award winner who follows his grandfather’s footsteps into the world of show business. He was the host for reality show Cheater that features confrontation with suspected disloyal people.

Clark Gable And Clark Gable Iii
The grandson looks no less attractive than his famed grandfather.

Meanwhile, his granddad starred in Gone with the Wind and also won an Oscar.

Charlie Chaplin and Oona, Kiera, Carmen Chaplin

Hollywood silent era had Charlie Chaplin as the biggest star. He also had 11 children and a lot of grandchildren in the family. Among his offsprings, the grandkids who decided to also make a career in town are Oona Chaplin, Carmen, and Kiera Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin And Oona
Oona Chaplin is the most famous among the Hollywood grandchildren of Charlie Chaplin.

Among them, Oona owns the same features as her grandfather. Her top recognizable role is Game of Thrones’ Talisa Maegyr. Also, Charlie Chaplin’s other grandchild, James Thiérrée is also a known circus performer, actor, violinist, and director.

Elizabeth Taylor and Quinn Tivey

Taylor was a legendary starlet whose talents and beauty are what one can only dream about. Elizabeth was also the most kind-hearted person who gave back in any way possible.

Elizabeth Taylor And Quinn Tivey
Quinn Tivey takes on the humane legacy of his grandmother.

One of the most stunning and successful Hollywood grandchildren is Quinn Tivey. He is an ambassador of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation for several years. He just continues the legacy of his granny with love.

Grace Kelly and Charlotte Casiraghi

One of the 50’s icon is Grace Kelly, a big star in the Golden age of Hollywood. Her work is still remembered until today and we can totally see a glimpse of her in modern days through Charlotte Casiraghi, her gorgeous grandchild.

For the unknown, Grace Kelly was married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956, making her among the first Americans to get into royalty.

Grace Kelly And Charlotte Casiraghi
Charlotte Casiraghi is the grandchild who makes it look like the old Hollywood star is reborn today.

Charlotte is, in fact, holds 11th place to be the Monegasque throne’s heir. The granddaughter and grandmother may have never met. However. The uncanny resemblance from the cheekbones to the eyebrows make it look like they are cut from the same cloth.

They even have the same persona.

Roxie Roker and Zoe Kravitz

The strikingly beautiful TV actress Roxie Albertha Roker was nominated for a lot of awards for her works in the acting world. Meanwhile, her grandkid dabbles in modeling, music, and acting. You can see her face in the hit series Little Big Lies and High Fidelity.

Roxie Roker And Zoe Kratviz
Zoe Kravitz is marking a foothold for herself, taking after her granny.

Zoe who is the new Catwoman for DC’s Batman is also among the most successful short actresses in Hollywood.

Elvis Presley and Riley Keough

Riley may not have the famous surname of her grandfather but she is indeed a Presley to the core. She makes waves on the reel life in The Runaways, Mad Max: Fury Road, and more big lined-up plans.

Elvis Presley And Riley Keough
Riley Keough is among the top Hollywood grandchildren.

Like her granddad, she was born to be part of the entertainment business. Elvis Presley was the king of pop and surely lent her some of his passions. While Riley chose acting to be her main work instead, their stars are both shining bright.

Errol Flynn and Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn started being an actor at the age of seven. It seems that his grandfather’s talents and passion are already in his blood.

Errol Flynn And Sean Flynn
Sean Flynn looks a bit like Paul Rudd, to be honest.

The late Flynn is famous for his tempting charm and his career climbed the ladder for his amazing looks. He has three wives and Sean is the son of his second wife’s daughter.

It seems to be no problem for the young man since acting is in his roots, being a great actor’s grandson.

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