Hailey Baldwin Makes A Cryptic Post After Selena Gomez Releases "Lose You To Love Me"

Rose Advani |Oct 25, 2019

Selena Gomez has released a new song, "Lose You To Love Me", after four years focusing on health treatments. All fans note her song as an emotional farewell to her ex-boyfriend. Immediately, Hailey makes a cryptic post on her Instagram.

Selena Gomez has launched her first musical release in four years of focusing on health treatments - A new song Lose You To Love Me. All fans note that the new song is an emotional farewell to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber who "replaced" her within two months.

Selena Gomez reveals that Lose You To Love Me is a heart-wrenching ballad after the end of a relationship. The track seems to show her painful feeling in the last few years after taking her time mostly on treating her health. Her fans suppose that the song will be her end up the pain chapter of her life to be better "Lose you to love me" and "lose you to find me."

All Jelena fans used to put their hope in the long-lasting relationship when the up-down couple decided to back together in 2017. However, they once again parted away, and Justin got back with his now-wife friend Hailey Baldwin within two months.

lose you to love me
Justin and Selena got back together in 2017

Truthfully, the lyrics of Lose You To Love Me are so cryptic, which relating to her love story full of hurts and pains with Justin. What is the song about, if not Justin?

Selena hints that she feels stronger and more confident when she's single with the chorus of the song:

"We'd always go into it blindly/ I needed to lose you to find me/ This dancing was killing me softly/ I needed to hate you to love me, yeah."

Selena's new lyrics hint at a toxic relationship and someone taking pleasure in hurting her.

'You promised the world and I fell for it/ I put you first and you adored it/ Set fires to my forest/ And you let it burn... /You got off on the hurtin"

The new lyric also hints some pieces of her toxic relationship when she mentions to "purpose", and some lyrics of this Justin song as "let it burn".

"Set fire to my purpose / And I let it burn / You got off on the hurting when it wasn't yours"

And here is the clearest clue that Selena is talking about her own love story with Justin by using a specific number "two months"

"You turned me down and now it's showing / In two months, you replaced us/ Like it was easy/ Made me think I deserved it."

The love story of Justin and Selena began in 2010. The couple had many times in splitting and dating again during seven years of love. Selena and Justin got back together in 2017 and once again departed away on March 2018.

lose you to love me
Justin and Hailey tied in Knot in September 2019

Later, Justin dated with his close friend Hailey Baldwin who is his current wife within two months after the split with Selena.

As soon as Selena is back with her new song, Lose You To Love Me, which is believed target to her love with Justin, Hailey throws shade on Selena by posting a screenshot of a song "I'll Kill You" of Summer Walker on her Instagram account without caption.

Lose you to love me

The post seemingly shows her action to the song which is supposed to dig at the loved-up couple after a few weeks high profile wedding of Hailey and Justin had happened.

Finding out that all fans regard her post as her response to the new song of Selena Lose You To Love Me, the Vogue model explained that she was not shading Selena, she just wrote about a new song about her husband. The response of Justin Bieber on this controversy may give all fans the most curious at that time.


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