Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber Love Story: The Lady Changed Don Juan And The Promise "Better At 70"

Rose Advani |Sep 25, 2019

Hailey Baldwin is NOT surely a “way too girly” model as people normally think of because she is a unique girl who turned Justin Bieber into better one, the girl he desired to get married and live for a long time till the end of their life.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber love story has had a happy ending with a secret wedding. No one doubts that Don Juan and Playboy No.1 in the world Justin Bieber has decided to get married at the age of 24 with the supermodel Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin love story
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber love story

There were lots of suspensions on the time around July 7, 2018, when he announced to the whole world that he was a husband, being a charge of a happy family with his wife Hailey Baldwin - currently changed to Hailey Bieber.

Justin Bieber Hailey Bieber Vogue Cover March 2019
Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber on the Vogue cover

Hailey is the happiest fan in the world

Perhaps, love is built up basing on a close friendship is not strange to everyone. Hailey was the happiest fan in the world when she grabbed the heart of her idol Justin Bieber from millions of girls in the globe.

When they decide to tie a knot, which breaks up millions of hearts, but all fans understand that their idols need a stable marriage, a well-being spirit that he loses in the previous time.

Hailey is not a girly woman or a “long-legs small brain” model of showbiz as assigned. Growing up in an art family, and joining the showbiz at the early stage of her life, the lady Baldwin is smart enough to learn about the Hollywood full of traps. Hailey became Justin’s friend when she was at 13 with the help of her daddy at his show.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin love story
They had the first met at Justin show

Later, they had a close friends group where Hailey and Justin joined lots of activities and parties. By this way, they get closer and closer. From time to time, there is a complicated feeling in the relationship between the Let me love you singer and the supermodel Hailey.

He did not dare to admit the love with his close friend, whereas Hailey always wondered whether she had a serious relationship with Justin Bieber or not.

However, Hailey is always a solid reliance on Justin during the time they are together. They had two years in dating, but nine years must be the right number. Hailey has never spoken out bad words about Justin. Regarding Justin, even he spent his love for Hailey but he tried to hide because he was afraid of any his words about this relationship will suffer his girl.

Hailey Baldwin and Jiustin Bieber love story
The couple and the engagement announcement

He stated:


Hailey makes Justin better by her true love

The entertainment industry gave the lady Baldwin an admiration when she was able to persuade Justin Bieber, being down and out with the messy long hair and the worst fashion style that he had ever followed, to back a nice hair and beard, and got more youthful-looking with the street style.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin love story
The couple with passionate kisses

The public no longer sees a crazy Justin at any bars and clubs; now he takes care of his pet and enjoy the breakfast of his wife and take her to wherever she needs to go.

As an arrogant guy, affected by the success came when he was so young, lose himself in drugs, Justin has been back himself with true love by the great support of Hailey. He gave kind words for her


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber love story
Hailey Baldwin makes Justin be a better man

Hailey, a strong woman, has successfully turned Justin into the better man. When dating with Hailey, Justin does lots of lovely things that he did not use to do before and show more his feelings. Justin loves Hailey wholeheartedly and gives her his respect.

Justin always defends his wife with her words as well as actions

Though being one of Top 15 sexiest supermodel under 25, Hailey had undergone lots of pressures from the judgments when becoming “Bieber lady”. The public regretted the first love of his husband with Selena.

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin is in the list of Top 15 sexiest supermodels under 25

Justin Bieber frankly speaks out his mind to defend his current wife. When Hailey received hurtful messages that he might go back to Selena or Selena is better for Justin,  he angrily said:


Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Love Story
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Not only these kind words, but the Sorry singer also strongly expressed the love he spends for Hailey by holding her hand tightly on the street, even passionate kisses, and dancing together without any music. The public has never seen a Justin in the best mood like that, and love his wife much as this present, like a romantic love story.

Hailey Bieber

Screenshot 1

Justin always defends his wife as much as possible. When haters criticize their love:


The singer immediately responses:


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber love story
"I love you more every day. You challenge me, strengthen me and your overall way cooler and more awesome"

Justin and Haily enjoy the best season of their life "Marriage"

Not all of the husbands in the world show up the honor with their wife like her. Though being a husband and wife with all-time they spend together, but Justin admits that his supermodel wife still attracts him a lot.

Eventually, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber love story has had a happy ending. Their secret wedding party has been organized in New York City, with the wedding card, printed their shape with a tight hug.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber got a neat look when being with Hailey

At 25, Justin underwent the best and the worst thing in his career and life; a series of hits, adorable awards, and the praises of the whole world. Besides that, the in-prison time, long days in drugs, and criticisms from the public. Fortunately, Justin is not alone with his close friends and Hailey.

Haliley Baldwin and Justin Bieber love story
The couple looks happily wherever they are

Thinking of what he underwent, Love Yourself singer wrote in his letter:


The promise "Better at 70"

Justin and Hailey have the same tattoo “Better At 70”, as a promise for a better life full of fun and happy moments, to not regretting when the old age comes. Justin now keeps mature in his mind and a strict attitude like a “gentleman”.

Justin has no longer a “playboy” but a real man put his heart to the family and the valuable things in life.

Justin Bieber has shown his dream of having a baby soon since he has not got married to Hailey yet. Justin kept the dream of a complete family when he was a youngster because of his childhood lack of his parents. Justin Bieber wants their children to have a complete family, not like him.


“Better at 70 baby. I love you more every day. You challenge me, strengthen me and your overall way cooler and more awesome than I am and I’m okay with that.”

After all, Jailey fans always put the trust in a stable marriage of the superstar couple. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber love story get enough challenges and difficulties to last forever.


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