Chris Hemsworth Opened Up About The Duet With Will Smith In "Men In Black" Series

Advika Hue |May 30, 2019

Chris Hemsworth will appear in "Men In Black: International" and he has recently talked about the possibility of teaming up with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the future.

In a recent interview, Chris Hemsworth has opened up about the possibility of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith coming back to Men In Black and even said they might appear together in a movie.

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Source: IANS

Actor Chris Hemsworth will play a role in Men in Black: International, a sequel to the Men in Black series. The first movie of the series was released in 1997 and featured Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as lead roles. Thanks to the great development and writing, a storyline full of action, emotion and humor, the film achieved great success and became an all-time favorite film of many.

Being asked about the possibility of the original and new cast acting together in a movie, Chris Hemsworth said,

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Chris Hemsworth also shared that he watched all the previous movies but he didn’t ask for advice from Will or Tommy because he wanted to act differently and make his character a unique one, he didn’t want to repeat exactly what the two actors did.

Chris did not deny the possibility of collaborating will the original cast and said he might team up with Will and Tommy in the future as their characters are still alive somewhere in this world.

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This sequel is also set in the similar universe as other MIB movies, with Tessa Thompson as Agent M, a new MIB and Emma Thompson in the role of Agent O who was last seen in Men in Black 3. Chris Hemsworth will play as Agent H, a top agent in MIB's UK branch.

Men in Black: International will hit the Indian theaters on June 14th in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages by Sony Pictures Entertainment India.


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