Chinese Superstar Fan Bingbing Spilts With Fiance Li Chen After 4 Years Dating, Shares Tear-Jerking Notes

Mina Muzumdar |Jun 28, 2019

Shocking! The golden couple of China Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announced their break-up after 4 years dating.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing yesterday made a statement that she split amicably with her 4 years boyfriend Li Chen. 

Lichenfanbingbing Weibo

Their love has blossomed on the set of The Empress of China when they collaborated together in 2014. In the film, Fan Bingbing took the role of the only female emperor in China's history while Li Chen starred her general, Li Mu.

The couple officially confirmed their relationship status in May 2015 and become the golden couple in showbiz. Their romance was taken to the next level when Li Chen and Fan Bingbing announced that they engaged in 2017.

Fan Bingbing Event
Fan Bingbing and Li Chen engaged in 2017

But yesterday, Fan Bingbing through her Weibo account issued a statement about her break-up, wrote: "We experience all types of farewells during our lives. I'm thankful for everything, the support, and love that you've given me. Thank you for the concern and love that you will give me in the future. We're no longer 'us,' but we're still us."

Fan Bingbing Post
Fan Bingbing's post

Li Chen then shared her post and returned with a heart-touching note, saying that they will continue to support each other in the future.

His post read: "From friends to lovers, and back to friends. The way we express our affections may change, but our purest feelings will never change, our mutual trust and support are eternal. We're no longer 'us,' but we're still us."

Li Chen Post
Li Chen confirmed their break-up in another post.

Fan Bing Bing
The duo superstar once was the most favorite couple in China

Earlier, Fan Bingbing stepped away from the spotlight since 2018 when her tax evasion scandal was exposed in the media. Her career was at stake at that time with serious allegations while her personal life seemed in trouble as well.

After a year hiatus, she comes back to the limelight amid break-up rumor with her fiance. Though a golden couple of Chinese's showbiz denied all gossip story, they finally took the different road.


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