Did Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Skip The Academy Awards After-Party?

Maanyata Thu |Feb 26, 2019

It's surprising to not see Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk attending Oscars afer-party and fans were wondering why. Here are possible reasons for this.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper broke the internet when the two took the stage at the 2019 Academy Awards to perform the hit song Shallow (an Oscars-winning now) from A Star Is Born. After the awards ceremony, the winners often go to Academy Awards after-party. Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson also attended it for celebrating their Best Original Song win. However, it is quite surprising not to see Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk joining the movie’s collaborators at the party and fans were wondering why. So, here are several possible reasons the couple might have skipped the Oscars after-party:

Bradley Cooper

  • Bradley Cooper did not win any award although he was also nominated for the Best Actor category. The film won Best Original Song for Shallow but the song was written by Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga, Andrew Wyatt and Anthony Rossomando, Bradley only performed it with Lady Gaga - that’s the difference.
  • Bradley earlier told Oprah that he was "embarrassed" not to gain one nomination for the Best Director category and he did not win Best Actor as well so this award show might have been a disappointment for him.
  • Apart from this, the film has flamed out in this award ceremony which means it got lots of nominations but not lots of wins.
  • This Vanity Fair after-party is not as high-profile or well-attended as it used to be. The actor has previously graced the party several times; however, it seems that he has not been there for the last few years.
  • Bradley Cooper has done lots of publicity for the film, and the actor might have felt burned out.
  • Bradley and his wife got tired of all rumours related to their relationship and decided to go home and get some rest.

Here are photos of Mark Ronson and Lady Gaga at the Vanity Fair after-party:




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