Bella Thorne Goes Naked After Announcing Her Directorial Debut For Pornhub

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 19, 2019

Hollywood actress Bella Thorne after confirming her directorial debut in Pornhub shares racy photos on her social media. See photos!

A few days ago, after confirming her directorial debut for Pornhub and saying filming actual sex is "quite a fun environment", Hollywood actress Bella Thorne again gave a glimpse of her X-rated film on social media.

Yesterday, the 21-year-old actress shared sultry images of her as she went topless in bed on Instagram. Along with the post, she captioned with a passage from her book about pride and sẽuality, The Life Of A Wannbe Mogul. 

Actress Bella Thorne




Earlier, the Disney star announced that she would be making her first directorial debut for Pornhub, Her and Him. The film will be scheduled to premiere at Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany from September 11 to 15.


Talking about the process of making Her & Him, Bella Thorne described 'it is quite a fun environment' as this is her first time of filming actual sexual intercourse.



Though the actress learned people's stigma surrounding porn, she still hopes that the audience will have an open mind about the project.


Bella Thorne titled her X-rated film "Her & Him".


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