Before Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, Here’s The Ranking Of All Spider-man Movies So Far

AnhDP |Dec 14, 2018

Into the Spider-verse is a totally unprecedented movie after six Spider-man movies since 2002. While waiting for the latest one to hit the screen, here’s a ranking of all Spidey’s movies.

Undeniably, Spider-man is the world’s favourite superhero but Indian audiences undoubtedly love this wall-crawler forever and maybe even more than Americans do regardless multiple superhero movies hit the screen every year. The US placed three of the Spider-man movies in their top 50 highest-grossing films of Hollywood in their box office history, but that is merely puppy love compared to the sentiments India has for the hero.

Apart from the latest Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War, which generated an incredible revenue of Rs 250 crore-plus in India, Spidey’s movies have exceptionally won resounding victories at the local box offices. Indians have shown their further passion for Spidey as three of his films made it to top ten highest-grossing Hollywood movies in the country, whereas Spider-man 3 ranked 7th, The Amazing Spider-man (2012) ranked 9th, and The Amazing Spider-man (2014) ranked 10th. Being one of the most popular superheroes, Spider-man was underrated of how lucrative and popular he could be, especially in this country.

One reason for Indians’ affection towards Spider-man could be for the viral Hindi Spider-man video, in which a man disguised in the form of our hero chasing a saree-clad woman; but it also could be because many Spider-man cartoons were made to be more familiar to the Indian audiences with the translations of the local language. After all, Spidey has remained increasingly popular with Indians as well as they have really clued up on Spidey since day one.

Maybe there’s no one in the world that could not be taken with the wall-crawling hero, so much that several new film projects on the character are underway. The first trailer of Spider-man: Far From Home (a sequel of Spider-Man: Homecoming) will be released very soon before its premiere on July, 2019. Additionally, Venom, a new figure whose film was released on September and broke offices records, appears to be in a new cinematic universe in which it supports Spider-man characters.

Anyway, we are going to see a brand new version of Spider-Man on screens this Friday. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse has proved itself to be extraordinary as not only it’s animated but also features Miles Morales as the hero’s civilian alter-ego, which probably gets the best reviews ever out of the whole series.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is produced and co-written by Jump Street’s directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and stars famous names including Shamiek Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Nicholas Cage and Liev Schreiber. Currently, it has received 99% of fresh tomatoes on Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator website and also features our beloved talent both in front of and behind the camera. Spidey’s character in this movie is promised to be a new generation’s very own hero.

So while waiting for its premiere, why don’t we have a quick review of Spidey’s on-screen solo journey by ranking from worst to best?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man hardly justifies its existence, making its sequel so pointless after all. Watching it makes us wish that Tobey Maguire would jump in and pull it back on the right track as he did to the runaway subway train in Spider-Man 2. The main issue of the movie is how it spent so much screen-time for setting up future sequels and not giving characters proper background stories. The plotlines were everywhere, tangled between Peter Parker and his best friend, soon to be Green Goblin story, Electro’s story, and all the mess in between.

Peter and Gwen’s relationship is supposed to be the highlight of the movie as it was set up in the prequel, however, it was totally overshadowed by how the director wanted to pull off cool shots and portrayed Spiderman as a cool guy, which completely backfired as it made the main hero seemed too over-the-top. Due to its failures, the movie ended Spider-man’s reign with Sony studio, which is for the better, as it later was returned to its home studio, Marvel.

Spider-man 3

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Spider-man 3

In some ways or forms, the reason why The Amazing Spider-man 2 was a failure was exactly how Spider-man 3 failed years earlier. Both movies tried to cram too much into an already packed-to-the-rim movie. Everything that was said about The Amazing Spider-man 2 can be said about Spider-man 3, from how it was filled with setups for the next sequel, to how tangled the plotlines was, to how plain and frankly forgettable each character’s background stories was. The movie also explaned why director Sam Raimi is still batted by the fans for years after the movie.

The Amazing Spider-man

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Amazing Spider-man

The first time director Marc Webb got his hands on the character, he planned a total make-over for Spider-man. He rebuilt a whole new character of the Spider-man with a new personality and look. His origin remains the same because no one but the almighty Stan Lee can alter Spider-man origin, but other than that, fans were introduced to a whole different Spider-man to what they are used to of Tobey Maguire. However, it seemed that director Mark Webb paid too much attention in showing the “Amazing” part of the character, rather than the core value of what a true Spider-man is supposed to have. The movie was sprinkled with impressive CGIs and eye candy stunts, and Spider-man was the coolest that he had ever be on screen, however, this does not translate to a good movie. The Spider-man that was given to fans by director Marc Webb was not a true Spider-man that fans expected, and just because he dressed the same, talked the same, and walked the same, doesn’t mean he is the same Spider-man that we came to love and grew up with.

Spider-man: Homecoming


After years of constant wishes, fans were finally treated by a Spider-man movie made by Spider-man true birthplace, Marvel, and it is safe to say that fans were not disappointed. From the casting of Tom Holland who has the perfect age and attitude for the character, to how Marvel understands what makes Spider-man special which is not his cool stunts and how he zips through the city of New York, but deep down, he is just a kid who is struggling to live his life just like any of us. By scaling the movie down a notch, Marvel brings Spider-man closer to the audience’s hearts and thus, gives us a true Spider-man that we were waiting for, someone who doesn’t act like a superhero and wants to carry the whole world on his shoulder, but simply just a kid who wants to “help out the little guys”, because he has been in that situation.


The big brother of the Spider-man movie franchise - the first Spider-man movie was what brought many of us into the superhero movie genre. It will forever remain in a special place in the audience’s hearts. It did as much for the fans as to the whole movie industry, because for the first time ever, fans were shown how awesome a cartoonish character can be when portrayed on the big screen. It lifted the main casts’ career to a different height, it set up endless potential for future expansion of a Superhero universe. As the way many of us can remember exactly the quote from Uncle Ben in the movie, fans will forever remember Spider-man 1 movie in the dearest and most adored form.

Spider-man 2

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Spider-man 2

The sequel to the first Spider-man was set to be a success, but nobody expected it to be the best Spider-man movie ever made. Director Sam Raimi, after crushing the box-offices with his first movie, came the second round to bring Spider-man closer to our hearts. He understands what makes a character special, and in Spider-man case, is how normal of a guy he is, how his actions can all be traced back to his core value which is to be a good person, and how the character of Spider-man is embraced by New York. All the preset elements in the first movie was carefully brought to the sequel, from Peter’s love life to his rather nerdy quirks, to his personal struggles as a normal poor guy trying to find his way through life, all of this was balanced by introducing a rich story of a villain which only further propelled the movie forward. Making a good movie is one thing, making a good superhero movie with good characters and plots is another thing. This movie doesn’t make it good, it is the best Spider-man movie ever made.


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