All You Need To Know About Lady Gaga’s New Makeup Line

Priyansh Ha |Jul 11, 2019

The United States Patent and Trademark Office now has confirmed the rumor about Lady Gaga’s Cosmetic line is real and here are what have been revealed.

To our mother monster Lady Gaga, everything is possible. She is not only doing great with her career as a singer, a dancer, an actor, an entertainer, a winner of Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe but also about to become a lady boss launching a beauty brand.

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The Rumor About Her Makeup Line Is True

The United States Patent and Trademark Office now has confirmed the rumor about Lady Gaga’s Cosmetic line is real. The source says Haus Beauty is going to hit the market and Ate My Heart Inc. (known as Lady Gaga’s company) has submitted to trademark the label since February. Here’s what has been revealed about the makeup line:

Back to September 2018, in the “73 Questions” making with Vogue, she responded “soon” when the host asked her to share one of her secrets for beauty. This is the first sign for the upcoming beauty brand of Mother Monster.

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Only 5 More Days To Go

After nine months, they have changed Haus Beauty’s into Haus Laboratories, and the site has also switched to Entering the website, you will see our Mother monster looking super fierce on products of the line as well as a countdown to July 15- the preorder day and an email section to keep customers updated.

The business of Fashion reported that Haus Laboratories would launch multifunctional beauty products for lips, cheeks, and eyes in total six different colors. Talking about eye shadow, you can always take hints from Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Take a look!

Fortunately, there will be an all-shades collection from the projects. A set of all three products will retail at $49. Gaga acknowledges that a girl can’t live without glossy lips, that's why she’ll put on sale her brand’s gloss concoction with a price of $16. In the future, there will be much more beauty products from this line such as oils, masks, cleansers, and cosmetics in all shades you could think of.

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Where To Spend Your Hard-earned Dollars?

Everything looks so appealing at the moments, but now you are probably questioning about the way to devote your money to this beauty brand. Here is the most excellent news for you: Gaga’s products will be available on Amazon. Haus Laboratories will show up in front of your doors in two day time, and the shipping is free!


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