"Avatar 2": James Cameron Reveals The Film Is Right On The Schedule 

Rose Advani |Dec 20, 2019

At the 10th anniversary of Avatar on December 18, 2019, James Cameron has revealed that Avatar 2 is right on the schedule. Getting that hottest news about the movie here!

Avatar is the second highest-grossing movie in the history of movies but there has been no sequel to the blockbuster film during 10 years of releasing. Recently, at the 10th anniversary of Avatar, James Cameron has revealed that Avatar 2 is right on the schedule that is great news for movie lovers.

Avatar 2

Avatar 2 fans need to patiently wait for hearing upcoming news from Avatar 2. Being asked why the movie comes so long til 10 years have passed of Avatar, James Cameron logically explains to Variety:

Screenshot 5

After, Avatar’s official Twitter account posted in November, James Camaron opened that the much-awaited trailer of avatar 2 planned on theatres in December 2021. The director plans to launch each subsequent sequel following every other year through 2027. (So 2021, 2023, 2025, 2027).

Avatar 2
Avatar baby has been revealed give fans much more eager

Screenshot 1

Here are the latest scenes for Avatar 2:

Also, Cameron calls his films “animated” which is right with the performance on it. And there are up to four Avatar sequels as he and the crew plan and finish 4 sequels in 2027.

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