Ariana Grande Takes The Reason Of Depression For Her Usual Concert Cancellation

Nalini Suri |Aug 31, 2019

The famous pop star, Ariana Grande has once again cancelled her Sweetener World Tour and said that she has been facing a heavy depression anytime high.

We all feel that Ariana Grande is a beautiful and talented young singer and has achieved certain success in her career, a representative of youth to be on top charts and headlines.

But the singer is also well-known for her regular statements of concert cancellation that when she intends to celebrate a concert whereabouts, people will think first of a re-cancellation.

Ariana Grande Elle Social Lede

Just now, the Thank U, Next singer has raised her humbug voice of depression and anxiety "at an all-time high". She was asked to have a meet and greet class with her fans in Belgium, which caused her an attack of panic.

According to her own schedule, Ariana will perform in Glasgow, Birmingham, and London in some weeks following her world tour.


On the other hand, she penned an explanation through an email announcing her intention of canceling the meet and greet and sent to her fans.

She wrote:


Skynews Ariana Grande One Love Manchester 4533380

Ariana furthermore added:


Ariana Grande Thank U Next Video

After all, Ariana Grande confirmed that people who had paid an amount for the meet and greet will get reimbursement post the cancellation.

She boosted:



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