5 Catastrophic Disasters In These Movies Will Happen If The Environment Is Not Protected

Harshini |Sep 22, 2019

Here is a list of 5 most influential disasters movies in Hollywood history. Perhaps the future of the Earth could have been predicted in these films?

The disaster film genre is an intriguing topic because of its diversity in content, dramatic action, and spectacular visuals, especially in the filmdom of Hollywood.

These films not only satisfy the audience in terms of entertainment but also implicitly convey the message, reminding people to together protect the environment if they do not want to be the main characters in those movie footages in real life.

1. The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow 1

At the beginning of the film, a meteorologist named Adrian (played by Dennis Quaid) presents his worries about the risk that the globe would return to the ice age due to global warming. It will result in the ice beginning to melt, then this cold mass of water falling to the south will alter the whole global climate.

Initially, people did not believe it until the first turbulence appeared: Hail, iceberg, flood, storm surge,... occurred all over the world.

The Day After Tomorrow
Jake Gyllenhaal in "The Day After Tomorrow".

The Day After Tomorrow 2
The flood invading the city.

Along with his colleagues and the governments of the countries together, he tries to rescue humanity from extinction, including his son Sam (portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal) out of New York. In the film, the city is vulnerable due to terrible heavy rains, a 50-meter tsunami and even a sudden, drastic change in weather.

Although The Day After Tomorrow is a fantasy movie, it is enough to remind people of global warming and the risk of global flooding due to melting ice. These risks that can completely happen because day by day, in spite of the fact that many are trying their best to save the Earth, other human beings are still destroying their habitats with huge industrial emissions.

2. 2012

2012 1

Ten years ago, 2012 was a worldwide cult film as it takes inspiration from the prophecy in the ancient Maya calendar, which says that December 21, 2012 will be the end of human existence. The film also focuses on the explanation of this oracle, recreating the image of a deluge that engulfed humanity.

The movie started in 2009 in India, geography doctor Hemsley (portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor) accidentally witnessed the Earth's crust slowly warming under a friend's mine. At a depth of 850 meters, the water in the tank was boiling.

2012 3

2012 John Cusack
John Cusack and young actress Lily Morgan in "2012".

It was followed by a series of places over the world appears terrible earthquakes that ripped the entire continent. Also, accompanied by are volcanoes that simultaneously re-erupt.

Meanwhile, Jackson, who is played by actor John Cusack, must find every possible way and every shelter to save his family's life. The film not only delivers the disaster sceneries in a country but also shows scenes in different lands. What happens to the world-famous statues and structures stands as a testament to the vast picture of humanity’s end.

3. The Impossible

The Imp

The film is highly-acclaimed by film critics and has received a lot of prestigious awards. The Impossible owes it to the natural acting of Naomi Watts, Tom Holland with other brilliant actors. Also, the film achieves such a wide consideration for their based on real-life events. That frankly proves how nature can totally defeat human beings in the blink of an eye.

The Impossible

The Impo
A scene with "Spider-man" star Tom Holland.

The Impossible is highly-recommended by movie critics. As quoted by the saying of The Hollywood Reporter: "The Impossible is one of the most emotionally realistic disaster movies in recent memory - and certainly one of the most frightening in its epic re-creation of the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami."

4. Into The Storm

The plot revolves around a group of people including Pete (played by Matt Walsh) whose nickname is nicknamed "storm chaser". He is the leader who hunts images of storms, going into the heart of the storm despite the danger in order to capture most intense moments for his research.

Into The Storm

There is also the quirky Donk duo (Kyle Davis) because they want to be famous on Youtube, they find all ways to follow the whirlwind, use the phone to record everything that happens in the terrible storm.

Besides the risky and crazy wish to get famous, there is no protective gear, no cameras, no knowledge of the weather outside. The duo represents a lot of young people in the technology era who insist on recording everything that happens regardless of the consequences.

Into The Storm 1

Into the Storm has no gimmick but is realistic to the point you get goosebumps upon watching it. This helps the audience realize that no matter how intelligent, calculating, or how advanced the device is, in front of Mother Nature’s rage, all will become small and fragile.

5. Pompeii

Unlike the films above, Pompeii centres around the disaster that took place 2,000 years ago, when the volcano Vesuvius erupted and totally erased Pompeii - the city of the ancient Roman Empire.

Pompeii (2014)

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington plays Milo who luckily escaped the scythe of death after the brutal massacre of the Celtic village caused by Roman soldiers.

However, he was later captured by slave traders while he was hiding in the forest. Milo then turned into a gladiator for nearly 20 years after. On the way to Pompeii, Milo had the opportunity to meet and fall in love with Lady Cassia (Emily Browning) whose origin is a noble family. However, senator Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland) does not leave Cassia alone in pursuit and he is determined to take Cassia home to make her his concubine.

Pompeii 1

Milo fought against Corvus face-to-face to protect and gain freedom for the beautiful lady. The tragedy is all calculations of human soon deviate from expectation when the Vesuvius volcano is bound to swallow the vast Pompeii city.

In essence, Pompeii is not merely a natural disaster film but also refers to many other issues such as hatred, love,... However, because the script is based on real events in ancient times, plus, with the skilful visual effects, the audience can imagine the terrifying power of nature when it can quickly obliterate an entire powerful and prospering empire like Rome.

To this day, events like this can still happen again.


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