All You Need To Know About America’s First Son – Barron Trump

Leela Adwani |Feb 25, 2020

Here are some mind-blowing facts about the youngest member of the Trump family, Barron Trump.

When compared to his half-siblings, President Donald Trump’s last-born son Barron Trump, who just turned 13 last March, is bound to stay out of mostly the political spotlight. Here are some mind-blowing facts about the youngest member of the Trumps.

Barron Trump isn’t photographed frequently

The boy is spotted most commonly while boarding or disembarking the President’s helicopter for the family vacation with his parents.

Barron Trump 1
Family of three

The picture below was when the family of three returned from their Mar-a-Lago trip. The teenager looked cute as usual in a green jacket standing next to his father who was holding his mother's hand.

Barron Trump 2
He is as tall as his father

Meanwhile, a few months earlier, the 13-year-old could be seen flying to Florida with his parents to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Barron Trump 3
A family reunion for Thanksgiving weekend

Also in the Thanksgiving weekend in the year 2018, the Trumps, as an annual tradition, reunited in Florida at Mar-a-Lago. Barron was 12 years old back then and he was seen getting off the plane with President and First Lady. It was also the first time he appeared to be as tall as his parents. The Thanksgiving dinner was a chance to gather all the Trump members. Barron was sitting at the same table with his father Donald Trump and half-sisters Ivanka, Tiffany and his nephews.

The first son lives in the White House after JFK JR

The fact is that the three most recent presidents of the US including Obama, Bush and Clinton are all fathers to girls only. On the other hand, other presidents have had sons but they have been adults already and lived outside the White House.

Barron Trump 4
He is the first boy living in the White House

Making history as studying at St. Andrew’s school

Over the past 35 years, every child of President has studied at Sidwell Friends. However, Barron is confirmed to be the first presidential child to attend St. Andrew’s in Maryland.

Barron Trump 5
He is now studying at St. Andrew’s school

Sports is Barron Trump’s main interest

In a speech of First Lady at Liberty University taking place in November 2018, Melania spilled the beans on her son that he isn’t available on any social media platform and he is really keen on sports. Reports also claim that his favorite is the sport of business: golf. Meanwhile, President Trump once said that he would have a hard time with letting Barron play football.

Barron Trump 6
Golf is his go-to type of sport

He is bilingual

As Melania is a Slovenian, Barron can speak fluently in both languages, English and Slovene.

His height is impressive

The last time he was spotted by the paps was when he was 7th grade, but the boy was as tall as his proud dad and his former model mom. Even though the number of his height isn’t available publicly, the eagle-eyed fans can quickly guess how tall he is depending on his parents’ heights. President Trump is 6’22’’ while Melania is 5’11’’. So Barron will be between such stats.

Barron Trump 7
His height is yet to be unveiled

He enjoys playing alone

Unlike many other kids, Barron reportedly enjoys the alone time and usually play by himself for hours. As per a report published in Parenting magazine, Melania reveals that the boy likes building Lego towering structures.

Barron Trump 8
He likes being alone

He is already an uncle

Barron was born in the year 2006 and he is 29 years younger than his father’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. That stands to the reason that he is closer in age to his nephews and his nieces.

Barron Trump 9
Barron shares a great bond with his nephew

“Little Donald” is his nickname

Yes, it’s actually a nickname of Barron. According to his mother, he is relatively strong-minded and intelligent. Independent and opinionated are two more special personalities of the boy. Sometimes, Melania calls him “Little Donald.”

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