Adele Is Reported To Set Up A Larger Bachelorette Party For Her Friend Jennifer Lawrence

Nalini Suri |Jul 05, 2019

According to a report, Adele intends to celebrate a “surprise bachelorette party” for her pal Jennifer Lawrence.

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence have been friends for years and on March 22nd, the two were seen to party at a popular gay bar in New York City named Pieces. They were there to make a celebration for Jennifer’s recent engagement to her beau Cooke Maroney.


As reported, now Adele is building a plan to set up an even larger bachelorette party to surprise the bride-to-be Jennifer Lawrence. Following The Sun, the Someone Like You hitmaker is planning a bigger party after the Silver Linings Playbook star complained that nobody joined her last celebration.

A source unveiled that


Jennifer Lawrence

It’s lucky for the 28-year-old actress when Adele expects to maintain the fun in the event for everybody without any repercussions applied to Jennifer.

The source also added


Adele, Jennifer Lawrence

The party in March occurred over one month after Jennifer’s engagement to Cooke Maroney, an art dealer, and a short time before Adele’s divorce with her husband Simon Konecki.

Jennifer said on the Naked With Catt Sadler podcast, admitting that


jennifer lawrence

Even though supposed to be a joyful event with congratulations, the mini-party turned the X-Men: Dark Phoenix star down with tears and dumps. She revealed


Jennifer Lawrence

After all, Adele would like to remake another celebration for Jennifer Lawrence to keep her mood up and last the joyous wishes on Jennifer’s engagement.


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