7 Biggest Celebrities Scandals Which Rock Hollywood This Year

Priyansh Ha |Oct 25, 2019

Among plenty of dramas from cheating, arrests to the incessant debate, here are top 7 stars who have become the talk of the town for the controversial dramas and scandals they've made.

2019 hasn’t come to an end yet but it seems like we've got enough of scandals coming along this year. Among plenty of dramas from cheating, arrests to the incessant debates, it’s hard to decide what celebrity is the fussiest one.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 stars who have become the talk of the town for their shocking dramas and scandals.

Variety R Kelly
Source: Variety


There is no word to describe how terrifying this story really is. Early 2019, R. Kelly had to face several allegations of having kidnapped and sexually abused multiple teen girls for over 20 years.

A judge later on circulated a warrant without bond for the arrest of the singer. This consisted of ten different counts of felony sexual assault. Since this horrifying scandal broke down, many people including fans, celebrity peers and his acquaintances had turned their backs on the singer.

2 Jussie Smollett Bbc
Source: BBC

Jussie Smollett

Fox’s series Empire is definitely not the only drama that Jussie Smollett has taken the spotlight for this year. Let’s head back to January when the American actor suffered from physical violation as well as racism. Remember that hate crime? Well, that was totally fake news!

The actor intentionally created the incident by paying two men to do so. That two men, later on, voiced over to confess their regrets which led Smollett to face up to three-year time in prison along with a bail set of $100,000. On top of that, his spot on Empire is likely to no longer be remained.

3 Khloe Kardashian And Jordyn Woods
Source: Style Caster

Khloe Kardashian VS. Jordyn Woods

The number of Khloe’s dramas has gone up too much that even the most frequent subscriber to the Kardashian’s show can’t stay keeping up with her. January is the month when the drama related to the trio Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods broke the internet.

The favourite family friend - Jordyn Woods was caught getting intimate with Khloe’s boyfriend. Since Jordyn is Kylie’s bestie, we can’t imagine how difficult it is for her to handle the situation.

4 Soulja Boy
Source: Complex

Soulja Boy

There is definitely a lot going on with Soulja Boy this year. The drama began when Charlamagne tha God indicated that the feud between Soulja and Drake had outshined Soulja’s comeback. Later on, Soulja stated that he had given his heart and soul to Drake, who according to him, had also stolen his lyrics.

After Drake, Tyga was Soulja’s next target as he tried to offence the Taste rapper in many ways, including mentioning Kylie Jenner as a “lost” to Travis Scott.

Follow the list of Soulja’s scandals this year was the one relating to Ariana’s 7 Rings. He accused the pop singer of having stolen his flow from "pretty boy swag". What a messy year for Soulja Boy.

Justine Skye And Sheck Wes Pitchfork
Source: Pitchfork

Justine Skye VS. Sheck Wes

At 1:40 of Mo Bamba, there is a comment from Sheck Wes that has contributed to this scandal. It was no joke when Justin Skye indicted Sheck Wes of domestic abuse.

In February this year, Skye stated that the performer along with his friends had stalked and even attacked her and her friend's group. Although the rapper completely shut down the accusation, Skye didn’t hesitate to post their laundry to her social media.

The footage from the video attached to that post shown that the rapper was hopping Skye’s fence.

Source: Complex

Cardi B

At this year Grammy, the American rapper successfully surpassed other artists including Mac Miller to win the Best Rap Album of the year. While fans were cheering for her victory, others thought that Mac Miller should have been the one to win the award.

His ex Ariana Grande was one of those who expressed disappointment towards Grammy.

Hollywood Reporter
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Jesse Williams

Because of this year’s incident, Grey’s Anatomy star may suffer from a heart attack for real. News broke that Jesse's ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee was looking for over $600,000 in child support and another $250,000 as a retroactive spousal report.


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