From Lil Nas X To Caitlyn Jenner: 16 Inspiration Stories From Hollywood LGBT+ Celebrities

Alia Thao |Oct 18, 2019

From superwoman - Indian famous Youtuber Lilly Singh to American host Ellen DeGeneres, here are 16 inspiration stories from Hollywood.

October 11th is the National Coming Out Day (NCOD), an annual celebration for the world's LGBT community to admit about their sex. In spite of origination in the United States, NCOD has been supported by LGBT communities around the world since then.

Here is a list of 16 Hollywood LGBT Celebrities with rousing "come out" stories. They are the inspiration for those who are still hesitant to express themselves. Be brave and let the whole world know who you really are.

Lil Nas X

Old Town Road rapper Lil Nas X came out publicly through a series of tweets via Twitter in June this year. The male singer uploaded his single cover Panini with a rainbow image to confirm his real sexuality with fans.

Hollywood LGBT celebrities

Lilly Singh

The host, as well as former Youtuber, has come out as bisexual on her 30th birthday with family and friends.

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Sam Smith

In the Instagram-based show I Weigh Interviews with the host Jameela Jamil, the male singer Sam Smith admitted that he was a non-binary (someone who identifies as neither a man or a woman).

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Janelle Monáe

The 33-year-old American singer came out as pansexual in an article of the US leading magazine Rolling Stone. Meanwhile, pansexual is defined as anyone attracted to people of all genders or sexes, or regardless of sex or gender.

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Hennessy Carolina

Cardi B's younger sister, Hennessy Carolina, told Paper magazine about the difficulty of coming out to her family as queer in an interview.

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Tessa Thompson

Actress Tessa Thompson is known for her roles in Avengers: End GameCreed and Dear White People. Besides, Thompson has also attracted the public attention with her love with actress and musician Janelle Monáe.

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Ryan Russell

Footballer Ryan Russell came out as bisexual in 2019. He also is the only publicly LGBTQ+ professional athlete who has participated in the four major professional sports leagues.

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Sara Ramirez

Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual in 2016 after several instances of anti-LGBTQ+ violence.

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Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko had found out her real sexuality when she was only 6 years old. And after releasing the hit Girls like Girls in 2015, the female singer has become the "icon" among the LGBT+ community.

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Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is one of the Hollywood LGBT+ celebrities that made headlines and history when Olympic gold medalist came out as transgender in 2015. Her journey of transition has garnered approximately 16.8 million views when it is aired on ABC News television.

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Jason Collins

Former NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay in 2013 when he got 34 years old. He decided to come out after witnessing the deadly Boston Marathon bombing of 2013.

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The actress came out on Twitter in response to the Supreme Court decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Frank Ocean

Grammy-winning singer Frank Ocean came out in a post on Tumblr in 2012, which has inspired many people in the LGBT+ community.

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Ellen DeGeneres

The famous host of The Ellen Show had to face many problems when coming out in 1997. She even was on the cover of Time magazine with the headline "Yep, I'm gay", which made her become one of the first Hollywood LGBT+ celebrities to publicly come out.

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Billy Porter

Actor Billy Porter came out in his early 20s when he was getting many successes in his career with an Emmy, Grammy, and Tony award.

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Laverne Cox

Orange is the New Black actress shared that she had "two coming outs" in a way with her parent. The first time was that she informed about her sexuality in her sophomore year while the second time was after she did transgender surgery.

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These Hollywood LGBT+ celebrities have created strong encouragement for people in the LGBT community to come out and live with their true sexuality.


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