10 Dark Disney Theories That May Totally Change Your Point Of View

Kanchana Ngan |Jan 29, 2019

Should you are a Disney movies' fan, you had better take a look at this following list, then decide for yourself whether you believe in it or not.

Disney has become a close friend of numerous children all around the world with its family-friendly cartoon series since 1937. However, has anyone imagined Disney's dark sides? Abundant people have noticed various thrilling details in those supposed-to-be harmless movies. Take a look at these following 11 Disney's dark theories, which may change your favourite movies forever.

1. UP - Carl's already dead all the way up to the Paradise?

Disney Up

Up steals lots of our tears, especially while watching the opening scene called "The Married Life". In this Disney movie, Ellie's appearance is short yet impressive enough when her happy years with Carl are depicted. Then, yes sorrowfully, her death leaves the husband in terrible pain till the day he meets our energetic Russell... or not?

It is theorised that Carl actually says goodbye to his life, too! And his trip to Paradise Falls (notice the name "Paradise"!) turns out to be into the afterlife. Along with this, Russell is an angel trying to accomplish tasks to earn his wings (Wilderness Explorer badge). And the funniest part is about Charles Muntz, who is a fallen angel wishing to drag many more people into his underworld.

2. Alladin - Alladin's future is apocalyptic?

Disney Alladin

What is their point when Disney directors, Ron Clements and John Musker, build up the film's set in such a catastrophic way? Like, seriously, it really looks like a town which just suffered from nuclear war. Everything is dilapidated while our main character, Alladin, has to act for hours long wearing badly tattered clothes. Talking about the Genie, he's been locked in a lamp for 10,000 years, which dates Alladin back to the year 10,300 at the earliest.

3. Frozen - Is Kristoff wearing a reindeer belt?

Disney Frozen

Frozen actually faces numerous dark theories before, and another one is about Kristoff's costume. Looking closely at his belt, is it, by any chance, made of Sven's mother's skin? It is understandable because the weather in the expanse of Arendelle is freaking cold. However, if this theory really happens, it becomes one more minus point for this famous Disney movie.

4. Toy Story 2 - Andy's Mom is Toy Story's actual villain?

Disney Toy

The second part of series Toy Story was released years before yet still left a strong impression on audiences. One of the most heartbreaking scenes from the film claims to be when the emotional song When she loved me" is played, Jessie shares her past life living happily with Emily, but then being abandoned.

Is there any possibility that Emily is actually Andy's mom?

First of all, the ages nicely match. Jessie's story took place years before, so she can grow up and become a heartless woman like she used to be in the past. Another evidence appears to be Andy's human-sized version of Jessie's hat, which looks exactly the same with Emily's one. There are theories, but we have to wait for Toy Story 4 should we desire to have a confirmation.

5. The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning - Captain Hook murders Ariel’s Mom?

Disney Mermaid

You may be confused, like what is the relationship between Captain Hook of Peter Pan the movie and The Little Mermaid? Well here comes a thrilling theory of which happened 19 years before the little mermaid's birth that can freeze you out.

Remember the Disney movie broke our heart when revealing Queen Athena was killed by pirates? Take a look back at Peter Pan, there is a red-headed mermaid who 99% looks alike Ariel cavorting in a lagoon. Then Captain Hook suddenly appears, frightening the sirens. And definitely, he comes there with no good intention, plus he always brings along full equipment, enough to knock the helpless Athena down.

6. Tangled - The old Gothel is Snow White's Evil Queen?

Disney Tangled

For specific reasons, some think that Tangled is literally a sequel to Snow White and that Evil Queen and Old Gothel turns out to be one. Disney has multiple connections, and why can't the same happen to these two movies? Evil Queen may survive from her defeat and supposed-to-be death in 1937, continuing to commit crimes in the later film.

There is apparent evidence for the theory. Apart from the two villains' matching appearance, the kingdom of Corona has a considerable number of similarities with the Evil Queen's castle.

7. Cars - Cars kills the human race?

Disney Cars

Most of Pixar fans acknowledge a theory related to computer-animated movies uploaded to one big Pixar website. Based on that, it is predicted human race will disappear, being replaced by cars.

Fortunately, we've got an explanation from Cars' Creative Director, Jay Ward. He said that cars actually took over AI then adopted the previous owners' personalities.

8. Wreck-It Ralph - Calhoun kills her husband?

Disney Ralph

Glee's Jane Lynch plays a cameo role in Wreck-It Ralph where she is a rough and ready Sergeant Calhoun. However, have you thought of her as a murder killing her own husband-to-be?

Taking a look back, Calhoun's wedding day was ruined by a Cy-Bug attack. The groom (Brad) was eaten by a Cy-Bug, but don't forget that creatures turn into what they eat. Consequently, if Calhoun kills the beast, which means, by mistake, she technically takes away her future husband's life.

9. Tarzan - Are Anna and Elsa’s parents actually dead?

Disney Tarzan

Before growing up and become the powerful queen and princess, Anna and Elsa had to suffer the loss of their parents due to a shipwreck. Yet what if their parents are still alive and end up starting a new life in the jungles of Tarzan? As what director of the Disney movie, Chris Buck, told MTV, he always imagined Tarzan as Anna and Elsa's little brother!

10. Peter Pan - Peter Pan is the angel of death?

Disney Peter Pan

Have you ever wondered why the Lost Boys never grow up? The answer may be that they are already passed away, and Neverland is their afterlife. If thinking this way, Peter Pan, of course, he's not bad but turns out to be the angel of death.

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