Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Hrithik Roshan - The Secrets Behind His Envious Greek God Physique

Nagini Shree |Sep 04, 2019

The most handsome hunk of Bollywood with his chiseled body and Greek God has a body to die for. To get such a chiseled figure, he follows a strict fitness regime and healthy lifestyle.

God of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, the man who probably made the most rocking debut ever in the history of Bollywood. Hrithik Roshan is considered one of the most attractive male celebrities in the world, his upper torso is fabulous; his muscles broad and well built.

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The son of film director Rakesh Roshan and his wife Pinky and the nephew of music director Rajesh Roshan, Hrithik Roshan is one of the finest actors in Bollywood. He is revered as one of the most talented entertainers to have graced the industry, with his skill set unique and strong in his own aspect.

Hrithik made his film debut in his father Rakesh Roshan’s romantic thriller Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai in 2000 and the success was followed by another superhit Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham, a multi-carrier film made by Karan Johar. Since then, there are no looking back for the Hrithik Roshan.

Tattoo Hrithik

Rightfully a Greek God of tinsel town, Hrithik Roshan embodies classic good looks enunciated by a sharp jawline, light eyes, and an easy smile that surpasses perfection. His ripped physique is good enough to make women swoon and salivate and have sleepless nights.

Here is a peek at his fitness secrets, which makes the actor a heartthrob for every girl around.

Diet secrets

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Needless to say, maintaining that body is no child's play. Hrithik has to consistently be at it, with very few or no cheat days at all--especially when he's training for a film. While everyone thinks that enviable body of his is built in the gym, the truth is, what he eats has a HUGE impact on the way his body shapes up, especially since he's been totally focused on building a lean-mean body, with his constant endeavor being building strength.

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The superhero believes that you are what you eat. The superstar’s fat to fit body due to his discipline lifestyle regimen. As per Hrithik Roshan’s mantra, one should eat at regular interval as it enhances your metabolism instead of normal three meals a day.

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It is extremely clear that Hrithik takes his diet very seriously and believes in a balanced diet. He tries to include all parts of a diet in his meals to ensure full nutrition to the body.

To fulfill the protein intake that he needs for the muscular body he has, he eats egg whites, chicken, and drinks protein shakes. To fulfill the requirement of carbs in the body, he eats oats, sweet potato, brown rice and for Omega 3 fatty acids, he prefers omega oil. For fiber, he depends on sprouts, vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

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Here is an example of his daily diet:

Breakfast - A bowl of fresh fruit, 2 pieces of bread with 4 egg whites, a protein shake, cornflakes, and milk.

Lunch - Green vegetables, 2 rotis, dal, salad.

Dinner - Chicken or fish, a plate of fresh fruits and eggs.

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And like all mama's boys, Hrithik thinks his mom, Pinky Roshan, is the "best cook in the world". The actor, as it turns out, loves home-cooked Indian food too - the humble dal-chawal or rich and robust chicken and mutton, Hrithik loves it all.

Workout secrets


Post a brief hiatus from fitness due to a back injury in 2012, Hrithik Roshan surprised everyone by losing a ton of weight and completely transforming his body. The actor follows a strenuous workout regime, under the supervision of his fitness instructor. He has specific workout plans for every day of the week, leaving Wednesday since that is his rest day.

"Roshan is always open to trying new techniques and style. He follows fitness trends worldwide and reads international magazines on fitness and bodybuilding. Exploring new fitness trends and inculcating them in his regime gives him a good mental boost and excitement while training. In the gym, he is like a school kid. He maintains a daily journal of his exercise routine," said his fitness instructor.

Hrithik Roshan

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During an interview with a fitness magazine, the actor revealed the key secrets to getting his envious physique, and it has got to do more with what he thinks and does, than rather working really hard in the gym.

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The actor also said that for him fitness doesn't mean going to the gym regularly, if one doesn't have access to a gym, they should just work out at home and be dedicated to it.

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Since the beginning of his career, Hrithik is known to experiment not only with his roles but his style and hairdos as well. From t-shirts to polo necks, smartly tailored tuxedos to the hottie-next-door look, Hrithik never fails to make regular men want to dress better.

Hrithik’s wardrobe is undoubtedly smart, and a lot of it has to do with the color palette that he works with. He is really good-looking and physically perfect in fashion. In fact, Hrithik Roshan’s name is practically synonymous with menswear god, a point you’ll see proven time and again in the photos ahead.

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Hrithik Roshan 6

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The versatile actor can pull off the casual look just as easily as he can pull off the desi avatar. From quirking up the traditional kurta to a simple sherwani, he makes even the simplest outfit look dapper.

Hrithik Roshan 5

Hrithik Roshan 5

From guys hitting the gym for a better physique to looking just like their idol, Hrithik's shirtless look has gone on to become a major fashion movement.

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On the work front, after staying away from the big screen for almost two years, Hrithik Roshan is now returning with Super 30 and Siddharth Anand's next. While Super 30 is his debut in the biopic genre, his next with Tiger Shroff is a high-octane action drama. It is for the first time that Hrithik and Tiger will share screen space, and their fans cannot wait for this on-screen union.


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