Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Sonam Kapoor’s Beauty Hacks That Make Her Look Effortlessly Flawless!

Nagini Shree |Aug 16, 2019

Sonam Kapoor has cosmopolitan looks which grabs everyone’s attention. Whether it is on-screen or off-screen she always manages to keep her A-game when it comes to beauty and body.

Sonam Kapoor is the real fashionista of Bollywood, the harbinger of anything stylish and besides that, she's the true Indian beauty, who loves to surprise her with different looks every now and then. Right from sporting a swimwear, traditional, ethnic, chic or boho, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja can flaunt all of her looks effortlessly!

Sonam Kapoor

And, when it comes to Bollywood babes with the most flawless beauty, Sonam's name appears right on top. The diva is a firm believer of following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. We share with you everything that you ever wanted to know about fashionista Sonam Kapoor’s beauty hacks and fitness regimen.

Sonam Kapoor's beauty secret

Sonam Kapoor

According to Sonam, her beauty secret to flawless skin is "love and fresh air". When requested to share her skincare routine, Sonam revealed, "Vitamin C, lots of water, sunblock, take out all my make-up and sleep." Sonam also shared a few tips on how she gets rid of her dark circles.

The stunner said:

Screenshot 27

Sonam 1

The 34-year-old star also shared which foundation or concealer she uses. Sonam added:

Screenshot 28

Her ultimate beauty tip is Moisturize, Moisturize and moisturize!!

Sonam 2

Sonam also indulges in home remedies to take care of her skin, instead of the chemical-laden products she uses milk as an astringent and prepares organic and natural face pack made with gram flour and curd to get a glowing skin. She also regularly consumes coconut water every two to three hours to keep her skin in great condition.

Sonam 3

Sonam has one beauty mantra, "Think right, eat right, be happy, content and feel beautiful from inside as that is what reflects on your face". The unconditional love and support of her family and friends is the secret that makes her feel beautiful.

Sonam 4

The Bollywood diva ends her day with a hot shower and a good book to let her hair down. And she makes sure the room temperature is at a comfortable level so she can sleep well. "Sleep is very important," she says.

Screenshot 29

Sonam Kapoor's diet plan

Sonam 5

The leggy lass took everyone by surprise with her dramatic weight loss when she entered Bollywood. She looks stunningly sexy today, but she was not the same when she made an entry in the glam world.

Sonam followed a strict diet routine which comprised of six small low on carbs and high in protein meals.

Sonam 6

She begins her day with a good breakfast consisting of half a fruit and three-fourths of a cup of whole-grain cereal with a cup of low-fat milk, followed by multivitamin and mineral supplements.  She says.

Screenshot 30

Sonam 7

At midday, it’s fruit again, with protein shakes, whole-grain bars, or buttermilk. Lunch is most often a multigrain sandwich when she is on the sets, and dinner is always light - a soup, salad, or grilled fish and vegetables.

Sonam 8

Possessing a slim figure, many people assume that she must be starving herself. In fact, the stunner eats everything in moderation.

Screenshot 31

Sonam 9

Here is an example of a diet she often follows:

Screenshot 35

Sonam Kapoor's fitness routine Sonam 11

Most of us cannot stop gushing about how Sonam has managed to shed so many kilos to look super-fit for her role in Saawariya while her weight was one of the biggest challenges she faced at that time. Sonam Kapoor is surely giving us some major fitness goals.

And even today, she follows the same routine and exercises. Also, she tries different workouts every day in order to keep motivation high to burn more calories.

Sonam 16

Screenshot 32

Screenshot 33

Sonam 12

If you're struggling to lose weight and looking for some motivation, we've got you Sonam Kapoor's diet and fitness secrets and how she preserves her physique.

Sonam Kapoor's makeup secret

Sonam 10

Stars these days, do not shy away from the fact that they do tend to put makeup on their face. In a recently conducted ‘Ask me anything’ session on Instagram, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja spilled the beans on makeup secrets.

Sonam 14

The actress revealed that she has fine lines and hyperpigmentation which she conceals with makeup. She further added,

Screenshot 34

Sonam 13

Here you go! All the inspiration you need to stop making excuses and start your fitness routine from today from Bollywood queen beauty Sonam Kapoor.


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