Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: 6 Tips From Vicky Kaushal Surely Make You Hotter In Women's Eyes

Leela Adwani |Jul 28, 2019

The incredible physical transformation from a stunted college boy in Masaan to a well-built officer in Uri helps Vicky Kaushal named the list of Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body. Here is how he achieve his goals.

Youth sensation and a household name Vicky Kaushal has established his own niche market with his off-beat films. His popularity skyrocketed after the success of blockbuster Uri.

While the heartbreakingly handsome star has been all praised for the acting chops, the gradual physical transformation from a stunted college boy in film Masaan to a well-built officer in Uri has also inspired a lot. It stands to the reason he made it to the list of Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body.

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For the uninitiated, to slip into the shoes of an army officer, Vicky underwent a 180-degree transform by gaining 15 kilograms from 72 to 87 kilos. The film Uri: The surgical strike was one of the biggest films of the year 2019. It did wonders at the box office and grossed over Rs 342 crores worldwide.

Talking about the incredible transformation of himself as well as the vigorous workout regime, Kaushal said it took him harshly to achieve this goal.

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Every man out here, if you wonder how Vicky Kaushal reaches his six-pack figure, the lowdown below will give you the answer.

First: Get healthy

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If you take the plunge to gain some muscle, the thing you need to do first is to evaluate the percentage of your body fat.

“I did basic cardio and weight training before I started really training for this part, and it made me realize the importance of having a strong core,” the actor said.

The Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body lister also emphasized that working on our core and starting at the beginning is a must.

It’s like a full-time job

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Vicky spilled the beans on his diet, which is to add around 3000-plus calories per day. His breakfast comprises of an oatmeal smoothie, nine eggs, and some toast and they take him roughly one hour to get through.

Go for a swim

The fact is that swimming is more beneficial than you ever think. It helps burn a lot of calories as it forces multiple muscles to work synchronously. Not just this, it also boosts cardiovascular health.

Do pull-ups along with leg raises

This workout is an excellent idea for those who are in search of a method to build some guns. Advice from Vicky is that you should depress your shoulder blade as well as keep the elbows straight while activating the lateral muscles. Especially, bear in mind that you have to pull the chin towards the bar till the lats are contracted entirely.

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Then you squeeze the abs, raise the legs to 90 degrees, and lower the legs before gradually lowering your body to the start the position.

High jumps

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It might bring a nostalgic vibe as we did it at least one time when we were floating on air. Now, try it again because it helps burn more calories and especially lose weight.

 Pick up dumbbells

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Little do we know that dumbbell workouts not just help build muscle, but lose weight.

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The workout regime might defer depending on the physical fitness of each person. However, to keep you looking incredibly fit, the advice from Vicky Kaushal who is named in Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body list is apparently practical. Your goals are hands down more reachable.


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