Pulling Off The Best Of Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles Is Not That Difficult

Priyansh Ha |May 01, 2019

His styles are sometimes confusing but his hairstyles are really cool!

Worldwide superstar Justin Bieber is not only good at making pop hits but also has a huge influence on streetwear community. His styles sometimes may confuse fashion pros and make them wonder why they can even become trends. However, we can deny the fact that Justin’s looks still catch our eyes when scrolling down the feed.

If you are the one who is obsessed with Bieber’s style or simply just running out of ideas for a new haircut, don’t miss this article. Today we give you a compilation of Justin Bieber’s most attractive hairstyles.

1 Justin Bieber Hairstyles
Source: Fashion Beans

The Platinum Fade

Dying hair platinum has become popular during the last few years. You can quickly run into this hair color from various Hollywood stars from Zac Efron to Channing Tatum. Bieber is one of them. Rocking the hair with an energetic shade as well as a playful undercut, Justin surely has won many teen girls’ hearts.

For recreating this look, your hairstylist should make the top unlinked and combine it with a fade on the side to gain the faux hawk. This haircut will look better if you have a thin straight hair. Using sea salt for spray, blow dryer, and the hair pomade will make your hair look natural and unwashed just like Justin.

2 Justin Bieber Hairstyles
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The Undercut Sweep Back

This iconic haircut from Justin serves a look that is softer and less damaged by the bleaching process. The hairstyle is all about soothing the difference between light and dark shades of your hair when natural dark features start to grow out. Ask your hairstylist to create two or three grades from both sides but remember not to make the edges look sharp. Sea salt for a spray to the roots, blow drying forward first, and the back can help make your hair virtually thicker. Don’t forget to use paste and ointment for the roots because they play an essential part in creating a less defined and coarse.

3 Justin Bieber Hairstyles
Source: Fashion Beans

Grungy Long Hair

Grunge style has become out of fashion since 1992, but now it is bouncing back and turning out to be hotter than ever. Catching up with the trend, Justin has grown his hair longer, and he looks just like a combination of a rockstar and a surfer dude.

There is no need to create layers of your hair in this look, but it would require various texturizing. Your hairstylist should use cream or mousse to dry hair with a towel and then spray sea salt through your hair. Either letting your hair to dry naturally or using hair dryer is okay, but a hair dryer will give you a more surfing vibe. You can also step further by adding paste or ointment to the roots with fingers.

4 Justin Bieber Hairstyles
Source: Fashion Beans

The Buzz Cut

This haircut can make you mistaken the real Justin Bieber for Slim. We consider this as the most simple and popular haircut of all time. If you want to bring forward your facial features, you should take the server cut into account. To Bieber, he chooses a longer buzz cut and soothes it by lengthening sideburns to focus on his square jawline.

You don’t have to use any products for this look, but for a better defining, we highly recommend paste to make the fluffiness disappeared.

5 Justin Bieber Hairstyles
Source: Fashion Beans

The Mod Mop

The haircut itself is opposite of the platinum fade hairstyle. This is a re-new version of the old school mod-cut.

For this hairstyle, your hairstylist should use scissor for an overall cut. People with straight and flat hair like Justin will need to add plenty of texture and soothe the hair look with feathered sideburns and fringe. If you want a clean-up look, you can have your hair tapered around the ears. When drying hair with a hairdryer, remember to do it from behind to the front and around to get your hair to settle naturally. You can also use matte clay to define your hair by rubbing a pea-sized amount of the product all over your hair.


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