Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone: Who Is Sexier And Better?

Salena Harshini |Mar 21, 2020

With their equal steaminess, Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone are often put in comparison. Let's see if both sexy stars are really that alike to be set side by side.

Poonam Pandey vs Sunny Leone are the two names that almost immediately pop up in many Indians’ minds when it comes to sexy icons. They are both known for their bold avatar and work in films.

With the parity in how they approached the acting field and how they appear in front of publicity, it is understandable as the two have been constantly put in comparison.

Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone
These two sexy Poonam Pandey vs Sunny Leone are often compared with each other

But are those the only similarities that they share? Or are there actually more disparities between the top curvaceous ladies of the Hindi industry?

Let’s dig it in right now!

Sunny Leone is among the most popular actresses of Bollywood. She is still a model to this day and she keeps on amazing with beguiling avatars. Not only acting in films, but she also works in item songs and gets mainstream for them.

People still count on Sunny when it comes to sartorial choices and bonny looks. Her well-built sexy figure helps her pull off any kind of style, be it event, gym or airport ensembles, revealing or not.

Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone 1
Sunny Leone really knows how to burn eyes

Meanwhile, Poonam Pandey works in both Bollywood and Telugu movies. She is also considered one of the celebs with the most sizzling body. In this case, instead of acting skills, she is best known for the hot avatars she shares on social media.

Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone 2
And Poonam Pandey is no less

Until this, it feels like they have very similar reputations. But does it really though?

The fact that Sunny Leone used to be a pornographic star was not a secret to anyone. It was actually how people got to know about her and how she achieved her fame.

However, the actress has now completely moved on from that field. Sunny Leone is now committed to being an actress, singer, and model with decent projects in the industry.

Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone 3
Sunny Leone has attained certain achievements in her career

Not wiping away the fact that she worked in the adult industry, she has been taking baby steps to prove she can be good in a much more professional and widely-accepted field.

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And now, still scalding hot as she has always been, her image in the eyes of netizens have changed in a positive way. Her commitments are cherished and considered while her personal life with a happy marriage gets many blesses from others.

Poonam Pandey vs Sunny Leone 5
She is now a mother-of-three and an acclaimed entertainer

About Poonam Pandey, she first started as a model and the time she swore to strip it all if India team wins in World Cup was what made her an overnight sensation.

Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone 5
Poonam Pandy is famous for her bold poses

Although she has also taken part in several movies, what reminds people of Poonam Pandey are her stripping moments. There have been many times she created a frenzy with shocking pictures and videos, including her sex tape with her boyfriend, and well, almost every material she shares on the Internet.

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It is quite obvious that she remains in the news with controversies like those. She even launched an app called The Poonam Pandey App which shows her daring footages and pictures. After the application was first introduced, it got banned by Google reportedly due to bold content and cheap publicity.

Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone 6
It's rare to see Poonam Pandey in full clothes

It is easy to see that Poonam Pandey enjoys that type of publicity as she is extremely avid in sharing baring pictures and hot videos to attract attention.

On being compared to Sunny Leone, she was irked by the fact that netizens welcomed Sunny, a former and foreigner adult star, more than an Indian herself. She also lashed out one time when interviewers mentioned Sunny Leone in her meeting. Check out the vid here:

If she wonders why, the reason maybe because of the difference between how Poonam Pandey vs Sunny Leone devote to their work in the industry.

Some of the buzzes even said that Sunny Leone will always hit a notch more than her contemporaries, including Poonam Pandey, as she knows how to captivate the Indian mindset.

1084 1 Poonam Pandey Vs Sunny Leone
Poonam Pandey vs Sunny Leone

In conclusion, Poonam Pandey vs Sunny Leone: Tweedledum and Tweedledee in sexiness, uncomparable in work repute. Or you can conclude yourself after watching these stars showing their strengths!


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