Mother And Daughter Duos With Large Age Gap Keep Being Mistaken For Sisters

Rose Advani |Feb 21, 2020

Getting more than the 20-year-age gap, but it's hard to realize who's mom and who's for these mother and daughter duos. Moms look incredibly youthful!

Some mother and daughter duos in the world have trolled people around them. With the young appearance of the moms alongside her daughter, people get mistaken that they are sisters. If you are suspect for this, let’s keep your eyes on these mom and daughter duos below, you must say “Unbelievable".

Mother and Daughter: Joleen Diaz (43) and Meilani Parks (19)

Elementary teacher Joleen Diaz is 43 and her daughter is 19 years old. The duo possessing a hot body with a beautiful face. It’s hard to recognize that they are mom and daughter because the mom Joleen looks incredibly youthful. In comparison with the 19-year-old daughter, they look like the same age.

Mother And Daughter 1
Who's mom? Who's daughter?

The duo looks super hot in bikini and it’s hard to realize that who’s the mom and who’s the daughter? The New York Post awarded her as the hottest mom in the world.

Mother And Daughter 2
Joleen Diaz comes out as the hottest mom in the world

Revealing the secrets to getting the hot slim body, Joleen said that she got a strict skincare plan at the early age of 12.  Also, Joleen follows a strict workout routine as well as es using healthy food.

Mother And Daughter 3
The mom and daughter duo looks super hot in bikinis

Mother and Daughter: Lee Su Jin (48) and Her daughter (16)

Lee Su Jin, a dentist from South Korea, looks unbelievably young. In the photos that she appeared with the hot-girl daughter on the Internet. Their photos grab the attention of netizens.

mother and daughter 5
The duo is regularly mistaken for sisters

Lee got her fame when appearing on Same Bed, Different Dreams, a TV show alongside her hot-girl daughter. People watching the show can not believe that She is 48 years old and they looking her on social media. Since then, Lee became a famous mom alongside her daughter.

mom and daughter
Lee Su Jin, a dentist from South Korea

Her daughter took many photos with her and shared on her Instagram and her post immediately got amassed thousands of followers. Later, Lee posted her photos because of the daughter turned busy with her study work. The beautiful mom enjoys the attention of followers and kept posting photos of herself.

mother and daughter 6
Lee and his daughter looks like at the same age

Mother and Daughter: Shweta Bachchan Nanda (45) and Navya (20)

Belonging to the most powerful family in Bollywood the Bachan's, Shweta Bachchan Nanda and her daughter Navya (20) are mistaken for sisters on each time they appear.

mother and daughter duos
Shweta Bachchan Nanda looks s young with her age
Bollywood mother and daughter
Nice photoshoot of this adorable Bollywood mother and daughter duo 

Mother and Daughter: Laurie Meisak (55) and Amy (24)

Appearing in many beauty contests with the daughter, the 55-year-old mom Laurie Meisak regularly gets mistaken for sisters. Last week, the incredible youthful mom attended the Miss Galaxy UK final. She dared to strip down to her swimwear for her first competition and gave a strong impression to the judges, and won the first runner-up.

mother and daughter 8
Laurie Meisak looks incredibly youthful

Before walking down on the contest, Laurie often appeared alongside her daughter, Amy in many beauty contests in the UK. The mother and daughter duo was a mistake for sisters for many times. Amy currently holds the title of Miss Grand International Scotland. She encourages her mom to join Miss Galaxy UK and Laurie caught her dream at the age of 55.

mom and daughter 4
Laurie Meisak and her daughter Amy attend beauty contests

Laurie hopes that she can inspire women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to have more confidence in other beauty contests.

mother and daughter 10
Laurie Meisak and her daughter at a beauty contest

Mother and daughter: Yasmin Le Bon(52) and Amber (28)

Yasmin Le Bon got her stunning with a successful modeling career. And her 28-year-old daughter Amber also pursued this career like Yasmin. In this photoshoot, the mother and daughter look nearly at the same age.

mom and daughter duo
Yasmin Le Bon and Amber look like friends

Back to the post to look at the photos of the mother and daughter duos, we may still get mistaken that they are sisters. However, most of them remain hot body by taking up exercise daily and build up a healthy life.

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