Game of Thrones Season 8: Five D-I-Y Hairstyles You Can Steal From Sansa Stark And Other Characters

Laavanya Hien |Apr 25, 2019

The Game of Thrones season 8 has shown plenty of hairstyles, and here we find the easiest and most amazing one to help you style your own at home.

Winter is right here as the global phenomenon Game of Thrones is making headlines in all social media. Now, the show is known as the cultural force and there are multiple reasons to prove it true. Both the show and its plot have brought to life via intricates aspects such as the locations, the props, costumes, and even awesome hairstyles that audiences can see through the female ensemble.  

Game of Thrones
Photo: Game of Thrones/ Instagram

The hairstyles and costumes are incorporated and curated into this show with a very special meaning. Notably, this Game of Thrones season has shown plenty of hairstyles; here we bring you some easiest ones for you to style at home.

Sansa Stark double dutch braids

Sansa Stark was described as one naive girl with a desire to tie the knot and rule 7 kingdoms in the first season. But since then she has changed a lot to become a much different and stronger person in these recent seasons. Her character was a young female; hence, she styled her hair with the French braids; whereas, the rest of her hair cascaded around the shoulder in very simple braids. 

Caitlyn Stark/ Sansa Stark’s loose braid

The Lady of Winterfell Caitlyn Stark was a remarkable character until she was destroyed in an iconic episode titled The Rain of Castamere. Nevertheless, she still left an impression for her hairstyle which was seen later on Sansa. This hairstyle is also a complete steal particularly when you prefer loose braids.

Daenerys ‘s stacked braids

The hairstyles of Daenerys Targaryen have plenty of symbolism and it keeps evolving well in season 8. Within initial episodes, this character's hairstyle is easy to adapt, which is perfect if you want to try braids.

Arya Stark’s sleek half bun

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Source: @foxyjnm/Twitter

Perhaps, Arya Stark is the most interesting and anticipated characters who have survived for continuous eight seasons of Game of Thrones. However, her most recent look is attached to the perfectly slicked back hairstyle which bears a resemblance to her brother and father's hairstyle. If you’re keen on this style, you can easily create your own half bun hairstyle like her at home. All you need the exact amount of gel to have a glossy and silky look.

Missandei’s crown braid with curls

The character of Missandei is adorned throughout the show. Her friendship and loyalty to Daenerys are looked upon by the audience. During the seasons, she is inherently caught with the curly hair. Therefore, the crown braid that she wore becomes a flawless hairstyle that you can steal to create a twist for your hair.


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