Chantel Jeffries Hot Pics: Meet The DJ Hottie Who Dated Both Justin Bieber And The Weeknd

Salena Harshini |Aug 19, 2020

Her long list of ex-boyfriends also includes other celebs like Scott Disick, Machine Gun Kelly. Check out Chantel sexy pics here.

Chantel Jeffries has been viral for some time ago but some may not know that the DJ and model used to be involved with quite a number of celebrities. As she is one of the hottest Instagram influencer and disk jockey nowadays, why not taking a full scoop of her sexy moments while tracing down on the dating allegations and others surrounding her.

Chantel 10
Who is Chantel Jeffries?

In 2014, Chantel Jeffries was in a public fling with singer Justin Bieber. She witnessed her then-boyfriend get arrested due to driving under alcohol influence in Miami, Florida, United States. Back then, Bieber was alleged for drag racing and drunk driving. After breaking up, the two acted like they are strangers.

Chantel Justin Bieber
She dated JB in 2014

In 2018, Chantel Jeffries was snapped having fun with The Weeknd by paparazzi at Coachella. After his performance, the famous singer and the model were seen walking shoulder to shoulder, laughing and playing very joyfully. He also hugged her lovingly.

Chantel The Weeknd
She was also rumored to date The Weeknd for a while

A close source spilled the beans that Chantel and The Weeknd were dating, and it could be quite surprising but nothing serious. The source added that they had known each other for many years, even before the Starboy singer met Selena Gomez.

Chantel 4
The model flaunting steamy curves in the clear water

Chantel Jeffries was born in 1992. The DJ is also an actress and model with a sexy and stylish look. She has enviably ideal body proportions which helped her be recognized and attract the attention of the media. In spite of that, her career is not very prominent.

Chantel 9
Bikini is absolutely her favorite

As a DJ, after releasing single Wait in May 2018 which ranked 10th place on Billboard Hot Dance/ Electric Song Chart, Jeffries has released more singles like Both Sides, Better, Facts, Chase the Summer... The songs that were produced by Chantel Jeffries have brisk rhythm and sexy choreography.

She is also touted as one of the hottest female DJs in the world.

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Chantel 5
A sun-kissed pose is fundamental

In every season of the Canes Film Festival, she usually makes eyes pop for her bold attire and it is said that it is her way to gain attention from the buzz. Her name has also been listed in several list for her way of over-showing her bosoms.

Chantel 12
She knows how to flaunt her strength

Apart from The Weeknd and Justin Bieber, the 28-year-old lady was also involved with French footballer Paul Pogba and rapper Machine Gun Kelly who has dated a lot of famous stars like Halsey, Sommer Ray, Megan Fox (his current girlfriend). Talking about her boyfriends, Chantel Jeffries said Kelly is her the most immature fling of her.

Famous for her luxury lifestyle, Jeffries is a member of Paris Hilton's gang who is well-known as party people. She is always present in Hilton’s party nights.

Chantel 7
Topless Chantel is breathtaking
No wonder why so many stars fall for her

The beauty’s Instagram page has 4.6 million followers. On her personal account, she actively posted a series of moments of posing, traveling, and partying. Many believe that Jeffries imitated the style of the Kardashian sisters.

Chantel 2
She is now dating Andrew Tagart

Recently, Chantel Jeffries has confirmed that she is dating The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart, who is well-known for a lot of viral songs like Closer, Something Just Like This, Don’t Let Me Down.

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