Anushka Sharma In Bikini Photoshoot Gets You All Jealous With Virat Kohli

Salena Harshini |Feb 27, 2020

Anushka Sharma in bikini is totally unmissable. Get ready for the most sizzling pictures of the actress and get to know her fitness mantra here!

Anushka Sharma is one of the top famous and influential actresses in the Bollywood industry. Wife of Virat Kohli usually appears in front of the buzz and on the screens in the image of an innocent girl. However, there have also been times she goes dare and these photos of Anushka Sharma in bikini managed to make hearts skip a beat from time to time.

Anushka Sharma in bikini hot pic
Anushka Sharma is a stunning goddess

As a former model before becoming an actress, Anushka finds it very comfortable to wear a bikini and to flaunt her toned physique.

The diva owns a delicate complexion, an enviable body, and a gorgeous smile that can win anyone over instantly. Check out the most steamy bikini photos of Anushka while also learning about her fitness mantra and beauty secrets.

Hottest Pics of Anushka Sharma in Bikini

The 32-year-old actress has exposed her irresistible body curve in photoshoots and films but seems like nothing has been able to top this GQ photoshoot. The actress looked downright hot and more sensual than ever in Anushka Sharma photoshoot GQ. Her body combining with those seductive expressions is too hard to miss.

Anushka Sharma in bikini 12
Anushka Sharma in bikini is a vision to sore eyes. (Source: QG India)

Also, Anushka Sharma Filmfare photoshoot was incredibly viral when it was first out. Without showing too much, she still managed to steal hearts.

Anushka Sharma in bikini backless
A backless and sheer gown is lusty and subtle at the same time

Anushka can often be seen wearing bikinis and hardly ever shies away from having her figure shown off to the world. Well, why would she not after she has done real hard work to attain and maintain such a fabulous figure?

Anushka Sharma in bikini QG cover
Famous Anushka Sharma in bikini click on GQ cover. (Source: QG India)

If you are curious about Anushka Sharma weight loss, here are what you will want to know. She is naturally born with a lean physique which explains just how she can fit flawlessly into paper-thin gowns and more challenging ensembles. But it also takes her a lot of effort and man-hours to get and maintain that to-die-for body.

Anushka Sharma in bikini and jeans
Anushka Sharma photoshoot latest absolutely makes heads turn

She confessed that there is no match for her eating habits. As a matter of fact, she is a constant muncher and this means she has to work out harder.

Her workout plan relies big time on yoga. This method boosts the flexibility of her body and ironically, helps her avoid the gym.

Anushka Sharma in bikini collection

Anushka Sharma in bikini 8
Such a jaw-dropping body she has

In spite of her hatred towards the gym, Anushka Sharma needs to work out four times every week as a demand for her work. The diva’s fitness-musts include walking, jogging, weight training and strength training.

The perfect body of Anushka Sharma in bikini is also achieved by dancing. She makes sure to dance her way for fitness maintenance.

Anushka Sharma in bikini on beach
Anushka Sharma bikini Instagram post that has become a viral meme fest for netizens

With 30 minutes a day spent on dancing, Virat Kohli's wife can strengthen her cardiovascular muscles.

It is easily seen that dancers from every corner of the world have a very healthy and fit body, and our Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi actress is no exception.

Anushka Sharma in bikini and shorts
Clearly, Anushka Sharma in bikini is one of her best looks.

Moreover, Anushka Sharma also invests time in meditation. This “offbeat” chop she does is carried out not just once but twice a day. The purpose of her meditating is to cleanse the mind and get rid of all the chaos.

About Anushka Sharma diet plan, the first and foremost rule is NO junk food. The rest of the diet routine is quite simple though.

Anushka Sharma sexy photo
The former model isn't hesitant to reveal her flawless back.

Anushka Sharma in swimsuit
An enviable body for ladies out there

For breakfast, she has fresh fruit juice and two egg whites.

For midday snack, the diet includes cheese toast, some coconut or lime water.

For lunch, Anushka Sharma has some love for home cook meals. She usually makes sand carries lunch from home and it has dal, homemade veggies, salad and two chapattis.

sexy Anushka Sharma bikini look
She looks even more gorgeous on bed.

With the evening snack, Anushka consumes seasonal fruits or protein bars to maintain the Anushka Sharma in bikini bod.

Before bedtime, she completes her diet routine for a day with a glass of milk.

hot Anushka Sharma in bikini photo
We need more Anushka Sharma bikini looks

After deciding to skip from being a model, she got her first role as an actress in YRF-directed Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi starring Shah Rukh Khan. She has evolved and become one of the most bankable actresses with a massive net worth.

On her work front, Anushka Sharma upcoming movies in 2020 will include two films: Prosit Roy’s Jhulan Goswami Biopic and Navdeep Singh’s Kaneda. After Zero, everyone is surely looking forward to her comeback in the field. We are thinking if these movies include hot scenes of Anushka Sharma in bikini or swimsuit, they will definitely become hits right after.

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