Thampi Kannanthanam - The Director Of Popular Malayalam Passed away

Author |Oct 05, 2018

Thampi Kannanthanam, the talented renowned director and film-maker, drew his last breath at 12:50 p.m on Tuesday, October 02, 2018 at a independent hospital.

Thampi Kannanthanam went to eternal rest at 12:50 p.m on Tuesday, October 02, 2018 at a private hospital at age of 64. He is a talented renowned director and film-maker of a large number of blockbusters in Malayalam.

He was hospitalized to Koichi hospital following various serious symptoms. His health condition became worse on Tuesday morning. His wife Kunjumol and his daughters Aishwarya and Angel were always stayed by and take care of him until the last moments. He was cremated and the funeral was held at his home.

Thampi Kannanthanam Family

Kannanthanam was born on 11 December 1953 at Kanjirappally, Kottayam, India. Thampi had the dream of making films and being a part of Hindi film industry since he was a little boy. He graduated MT Seminary School and St. Domenic College. He married to Kunjumol and has two lovely daughters, Aishwarya and Angel.

After having graduated, he worked as an assistant director to gain experiences. Many years passed, he determined what he needs to do for his career.

The independent film-making career of Kannanthanam started in 1983 with the project Thavalam. This movie hit the box office in 1984. Since his debut, he marked his name with 16 more big hits. In which, there is some blockbuster such as Vazhiyorakazhchakal,  IndrajaalamNadodiChukkan, Manthrikam and Onnaman. His career got remarkable milestone in the 1980s with The galangal and in the 1990s with Indrajaalam. 

Noticeably, in 1986, his big project Rajavinte Makan hit the box office. His name became familiar with the audiences. Reportedly, Rajavinte Makan is also the film that made Mohanlal's name to Bollywood A-lister - a superstardom in Hindi film industry. Surprisingly, Mohanlal also joined in the production venture of the movie. As far as we knew, the co-operation of two director made a hit in theatre with Nadodi, Bhoomiyila Rajakkanmar, Indrajalam, Vazhiyorakazchakal, and more.

During his great film-making career, Thampi Kannanthanam has cooperated with many Bollywood stars such as Suresh Gopi, Mammootty, Jayaram. Besides the main roles of s director, Thampi Kannanthanam also played some characters in some blockbusters. Namely, Itha Oru Theeram (1980), Attimari (1981), Madrasile Mon(1982), Thudarkatha (1991).

The last project of Thampi was Freedom. This is also an outstanding project that hit the theatre in 2004.

The death of Kannanthanam is not only a loss for his family but also a sadness for the Hindi film industry. As a talented film director, producer, screenwriter and actor, he has greatly contributed to Bollywood in particular and Hindi film industry in general.


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