Incredible story of survival by the power of Bollywood

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 14, 2018

In an incredible story of survival pulished recently, reporter Kartikeya Sharma revealed how he made a comeback after his trip to the war-torn land, Syria. And the reason behind was Shahrukh Khan’s influence.

In an incredible story of survival published recently, journalist Kartikeya Sharma revealed how he made his comeback from the war-torn land Syria thanks to Bollywood power and Shahrukh Khan's influence. Here is the full story from Kartikeya Sharma.

If You Are In Trouble, Bollywood Is The Best Bet For You

"What saves you is Bollywood"

Down the path to bomb-damaged along most dangerous arer in Syria, in particular, Palmyra, the reporter recalled his memory of the day in the past when his life was endangered.

In Syria, wherever I traveled to if I face any difficulty, Bollywood might be the best chance for you. All your contact point can fail to rescue you. Disregarding Syrian government acknowledgment, Syrian authorization on the road still not let you pass down the road maybe just because of your appearance. And depending on the circumtance, you will never know what would happen to you next. 

The Love For SRK Is Universal

"We love Shahrukh Khan."


'Some Asked To Give Their Regards To Karishma Kapoor Or Shahrukh Khan'

'Katrina Kaif, Karishma Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan were also in our conversation'


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"For those moments I felt that I owed Bollywood."


When SRK Turned A Saviour

When "Shahrukh Khan" is your life vest

The Journalist added more detail: These Bollywood superstars helped kick off the conversation between us and the soldier. There were times when I sat in the front making my government escort sit behind with his papers. Whenever the military person approaches me at the station, I would say Shahrukh Khan and they would smile and let me go.  

"It is a classic case of soft power doing better than hard power." And that how you would realize the power of Bollywood. It makes life easier and often helps to break ice in unusual and hostile circumstances. Syria is a case in point.

Loved by the Indians and widely known all over the world by the name “Baadshah of Bollywood, King of Bollywood or Khan King”, Shahrukh Khan also the most influential man in Bollywood. He is not only the legend actor, successful producer, and entrepreneur but also appear in a role of philanthropist.

Likewise, regarding audience size and income, Bollywood is one of the largest Movie Empire in the world that world billion dollars as well as it's undeniable influence on people.


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