Anushka Sharma Breaks Silence Over Allegations Levelled By Farokh Engineer

Imran Asif Fazal |Nov 01, 2019

The actress have slammed Farokh Engineer for making wild allegations against her and Virat Kohli.

After being silent for the longest period, Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma finally broke her silence, responding to all allegations through a Twitter post. In her long Twitter post, Sharma slammed critics for blaming her over incidents in which she had no part. Sharma mentioned the various incidents including the team photo which she was a part of for which she was criticized heavily and recent media reports which alleged that selectors served Sharma tea during the ICC World Cup in 2019. The Bollywood actor also mentioned that she thought remaining silent was the best way to respond but her silence should not be taken as 'weakness'.

Anushka Sharma

Recently, Farokh Engineer a selector with Indian cricket team had claimed that Anushka Sharma was served tea by the selectors and was treated like a queen inside selector's box. Anushka Sharma responded to several lies and the flak that she received over various occasions in which she had no hand to play. She started with the dip in Virat Kohli's performance a few years back for which she was trolled heavily. Netizens and critics had then accounted her presence in the 'stands' as a reason for the stint of poor performances of India's ace batsmen and now captain Virat Kohli.


She said, "I have stayed quiet through all the times I was blamed for the performance of my then-boyfriend, now-husband Virat and continue to take blame for the most baseless things involving Indian cricket." While mentioning the recent media reports of the Indian selectors serving the India captain's wife with tea at a World Cup match, she said that she attended only one match and saw the match from the Family Box and not the Selectors Box.

After facing the backlash Farokh Engineer said, "I just said it in a jest and it's being made a mountain out of a molehill," "Poor Anushka has been dragged into it, she is a lovely girl. Virat Kohli is a brilliant captain and coach Ravi Shastri is extremely good. The entire matter is being blown up unnecessarily. It turned out to be a selector as he was wearing an all India blazer."

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